Wednesday Wisdom – John 2

Through Melissa Taylor’s online study, I have been reading through the book of John. Each day as I read, I select a verse and then think about what it means to me and what I would share with someone else. For today’s Wednesday Wisdom, I decided to share with you what I selected from John chapter 2.

There was so much within in chapter 2, but verse 25 is what I selected, “He did not need any testimony about mankind, for he knew what was in each person.” It is so comforting to know that God knows everything about me. He does not take what anyone else says about me as fact, because He knows me inside and out. I do not, therefore, need to worry about the opinions of man, just what my loving Heavenly Father thinks of me and according to Him I am treasured, valued and loved. Sweet sister, the same is true of each one of you.

I challenge you today to select a chapter in the Bible and read it. Afterwards, select a verse and share it in the comment section. I look forward to seeing the verses you have selected.


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One of my least favorite tasks when returning from a trip, second only to laundry, would have to be unpacking. Carrying all my heavy, overstuffed bags into the house is exhausting. I survey the work that lies ahead and can think of several of things I would rather do with my time.  However, this time is going to be different.  After attending the She Speaks Conference in North Carolina last weekend I have so much that I want to share with you. So, grab a cup of coffee, have a seat and relax as I being to unpack.

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On a Journey

I began this journey with God some time ago. Along this path there have been many twists and turns.  However, through it all I knew without a doubt that God was right by my side. This isn’t to say that I haven’t struggled from time to time and even wondered whether I was headed in the right direction. I mean did the Lord really understand it was me He was dealing with? Of course, He did. My dreams seemed so small compared to what He had in mind. How often we try and limit our lives simply because we do not dream big enough. I will tell you today, without a doubt, God has big plans for each and every one of us. We simply need to yield to His plan and follow His leading. This does not mean that it will necessarily be the time frame or direction we had in mind, but God has promised that it will be good.

I started my blog over a year ago with lots of nudging from friends and loved ones. I didn’t really even believe people would want to take the time to read it. Who cared what I had to say? But then I realized that the Enemy was trying to keep me sitting on the sidelines stricken with fears and insecurities. This is not the way God intended it, so I decided to pack up and follow Him. I wrote about things that were heavy on my heart and mind. I soon found others could relate to these same themes and ideas. It then hit me; God had bigger things in mind than this blog.

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Day 25 – Building Materials

As we are drawing this study to a close, we are looking at how to leave a lasting legacy.  Today, I would like you to think of your life as building a bridge for the next generation.  Anyone who has ever done any construction knows that the building materials are key.  Are you constructing your bridge out of temporary or eternal materials?  There are three key eternal materials that we need to utilize in the construction of our bridges.

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