Hidden Power


Twenty-six little letters. Some stand straight and tall. Some squiggle around this way and that. Some blend in with the others around. These distinct letters each have a sound and a name. However, the real power come when they are arranged together to form words. Continue reading

Power in Weakness


Those of you joining me on the Made To Crave journey, this is when it begins to get difficult. We are a little over halfway into the study and the excitement and “newness” has worn off. We have learned that our worth and identity isn’t tied to any type of number. However, many on the study blog are feeling defeated and discouraged. I would like to encourage you today.

Many times in our lives God is going to ask us to give up or let go of something we hold dear. For some it may be that bag of chips you can’t put down, the afternoon bottle of pop, late-night snacking or even a dream you’ve been holding on to so tightly. You see, in order for us to realize God’s power in our lives we have to be willing to let go. These things, though not inherently bad on their own, have clouded our vision. We are craving these and running to them before God.

For me, the mere thought of giving up on a specific goal in my life makes me weak in the knees. I ask myself, why? Why would God want me to give this up? It would reach out and help others, right? I just don’t understand. But then, God doesn’t need to clear His plans with me. He sees the big picture because He painted it, whereas I only see a little sliver.

In the past, I would stress about needing to figure everything out. I have woken up with anxiety attacks and been so deep in despair, I couldn’t see my way out. However, it was at one of those lowest times that I discovered I was going about it all wrong. I am not supposed to figure everything out or fix things and neither are you. The truth is found in this week’s verse.


The apostle Paul had asked repeatedly for God to restore his health and that is not how God answered those prayers. Paul began to realize the power of God through his physical weakness. God tells us that in our weakness He is our strength. We can’t ever realize God’s strength if we are solely relying on our own. You and I can become so wrapped up in our own lives that we don’t even realize it. Therefore, God has to bring us to the point of weakness so that we will desire His strength, His way and His power, which is complete. But it can only be complete when we turn over everything that we are putting before Him.

You and I may have vastly different weaknesses in our lives, but one thing is evident, we both must chose to trust completely in God and let His power be our strength.


Your Turn:

How are you dealings with cravings and weaknesses this week? I encourage you to let go of whatever you are holding on to and allow God’s power alone to be your strength.