A Choice to Make

I just need to get one thing taken care of, I’m not the picture perfect mom that has it all together and would never think of raising her voice. No, I tend to lose it with my family from time to time and wish there was a rewind button on the day. So, when the book, Unglued, was going to be the next online Bible study with Melissa Taylor, I knew this was definitely one for me.

I have heard several times to be careful what you write about or study because it will become more evident in your own life. Don’t you just hate how the enemy will use those various areas of ministry to try and bring out our insecurities and weaknesses?

Anyhow, after dealing with a horrible migraine for two days, I was ready to begin the new week with fervor. The day started out as usual – husband to work, older kids up and off to school, so I began to catch up from my “sick time”. Then, it started – the avalanche of events. The first was an unkind text message, followed by a couple of phone calls that rearranged my schedule for the week. Then, my youngest had some issues in the bathroom. After getting her all cleaned up, I carried the clothes to the laundry room only to step in something wet as I entered the room – the dog had gotten sick. With everything beginning to pile up on me, I had a choice to make; how was I going to respond? Thanks to lessons I have gleaned from Unglued, I was able to actually laugh through it.

This by no means implies I am no longer a freak-out mom and I have been cured of meltdowns. No, it simply means, I am making progress. Who knows what tomorrow will hold, but even if I do lose it, I am thankful for the grace God so freely gives.

What about you, what choice will you make today?

Guest Posting and another chance to WIN

Today, I have the privilege to guest post on my friend, Donna Bostick’s blog, http://donnabostick.wordpress.com/2012/09/13/get-real-stop-hiding-behind-the-mask/. I would love for you to head over to her site and read my post for some encouragement about being chosen. I would love to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to enter to WIN a copy of my book, Get REAL, on Donna’s site as well as Melissa Taylor’s, www.melissataylor.org. I will be announcing the winners tomorrow.

Wednesday Wisdom – Under Pressure

For the past two days, I have been canning green beans. Let me just say, 15 gallons of green beans is a lot of beans. With that said, I feel really blessed that in a year of drought, we had such an abundant harvest.

As Maddy and I were snapping beans, it took me back to my childhood. I remember sitting out on the porch with a newspaper in my lap and snapping beans with my family. I loved the stories my grandmas would tell. Oh how my heart aches for those lovely ladies.

Times have changes and now I am the one with the garden and canning to do. I love how the different shades of green shine in the Ball jars. However, any good canner knows that as quick and easy as it is to put the beans, water and salt in the jars, they are not ready to be eaten. Each beautiful jar must be put in the pressure cooker. The heat and steam work together to kill the bacteria and seal in the nutrients for my family.

The same idea is true in our own lives. As easy as it would be to go through life without any struggles or pressure, we would not be ready to be used by God. As painful as our life may be at times, the pressure we must endure is for our good.

Keep this in mind the next time you feel overwhelmed. This will eventually lead to a stronger, healthier you. Don’t forget – God knows what He’s doing and will never give us more than we can bear.


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Wednesday Wisdom – John 2

Through Melissa Taylor’s online study, I have been reading through the book of John. Each day as I read, I select a verse and then think about what it means to me and what I would share with someone else. For today’s Wednesday Wisdom, I decided to share with you what I selected from John chapter 2.

There was so much within in chapter 2, but verse 25 is what I selected, “He did not need any testimony about mankind, for he knew what was in each person.” It is so comforting to know that God knows everything about me. He does not take what anyone else says about me as fact, because He knows me inside and out. I do not, therefore, need to worry about the opinions of man, just what my loving Heavenly Father thinks of me and according to Him I am treasured, valued and loved. Sweet sister, the same is true of each one of you.

I challenge you today to select a chapter in the Bible and read it. Afterwards, select a verse and share it in the comment section. I look forward to seeing the verses you have selected.


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