Life Without Limits – Book Review

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Some of you maybe familiar with motivational speaker, Nick Vujicic. He has appeared before numerous people around the world, including a guest appearance on the Oprah Show. When his book, Life Without Limits, came up for review, I knew that it was one I wanted to read.

Life Without Limits is not simply a book about Nick’s life and how he, being born without arms and legs, has overcome immense obstacles. That would have been a good book, but Nick takes the reader a step farther. He challenges the reader to find their life purpose and then go after it despite what difficulties or limitations you may perceive. Nick does a great job of offering practical advice for your journey towards this God-given purpose. Each one of us needs to remember to focus on what we can control and let God take care of the rest.

I would definitely recommend this book, talk about gaining a whole new perspective on life. What are you waiting for? Start on your journey to a life without limits.

Firefly Island – Book Review


Firefly Island by Lisa Wingate was absolutely amazing. Lisa takes the reader on a wild ride through the eyes of the main character, Mallory. She goes from an up and coming legislative assistant in the heart of DC to the “Frontier Woman” blogging about rural life in remote Moses Lake, Texas.

Mallory goes from being an independent, single executive to a married, stay-at-home mother of a toddler in a few short months. She must determine whether she can handle the new “normal” with critters scurrying across the floor and the occasional scorpion to watch out for. Not to mention, the mystery surrounding her husband’s boss, Jack West.

Big city girl makes some new friends that help Mallory get adjusted. Will they also be there to help shed light on the mysterious disappearances at West Ranch?

I would highly recommend this book. Lisa’s imagery throughout is simply breath-taking. Hard to find better fiction writing. This book has it all suspense, romance and humor along the twists and turns of a year in Mallory’s life. Grab the book, get comfy and be transported to Firefly Island.

A Season for Tending – Book Review

For my Monday Musings this week, being Labor Day, I decided I would share with you about the latest book I read, A Season for Tending by Cindy Woodsmall. This is the first book in her new series, Amish Vines and Orchards.

This story takes the reader along a journey with the main character, Rhoda.  We meet her during a very difficult time in her life. She has recently lost her sister, Emma, and there are many rumors buzzing around the Amish community regarding Rhoda and her premonitions.  The various talk and rumors begin to effect more than just Rhoda and decisions and life choices must be made. Before these decisions can be made, a wayward Amish teen, Leah, is found in Rhoda’s garden one morning. The intersection of these two families lead to many more twists and turns in the course of this book.

Cindy Woodsmall does an amazing job of developing the characters throughout the book, especially that of Rhoda.  We see her grow and change over the course of the book, just like the plants that she tends in her beautiful garden. One of my favorite quotes in the book would have to be, “Some wondrous things grow in the heart, not the ground” (245). The reader will see whether Rhoda decides to cultivate her heart or just the plants within her garden.

This was an incredible book that I would highly recommend.  The story grabs you early on and you want to read more to discover where this journey will lead Rhoda and what will happen along the way.  One warning, you may want to tell your family to order in pizza and turn the answering machine on.  Once you start reading, A Season for Tending, you will not want to stop.  The following is a link to the author’s website,, where you can find out even more information.

**Disclaimer: I received this book for free from for this review.

Wednesday Wisdom – John 2

Through Melissa Taylor’s online study, I have been reading through the book of John. Each day as I read, I select a verse and then think about what it means to me and what I would share with someone else. For today’s Wednesday Wisdom, I decided to share with you what I selected from John chapter 2.

There was so much within in chapter 2, but verse 25 is what I selected, “He did not need any testimony about mankind, for he knew what was in each person.” It is so comforting to know that God knows everything about me. He does not take what anyone else says about me as fact, because He knows me inside and out. I do not, therefore, need to worry about the opinions of man, just what my loving Heavenly Father thinks of me and according to Him I am treasured, valued and loved. Sweet sister, the same is true of each one of you.

I challenge you today to select a chapter in the Bible and read it. Afterwards, select a verse and share it in the comment section. I look forward to seeing the verses you have selected.


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The Fiddler – Book Review

Today, I am going to share another review of a book that I had the privilege to read, The Fiddler.  It is the latest book by Beverly Lewis.

Beverly Lewis is famous for her captivating stories framed around the Amish community.  The Fiddler was another wonderful example of the meshing of two different worlds: the English and the Amish.  The two main characters, Michael and Amelia represent these two different worlds.  Even though they are from two different communities, strangely enough, they are facing the same decision; whether to follow the path that others (primarily their parents) think they should.  As they each try and make their own decision about what to do they are finding themselves drawn closer together.  What will the final decision be?  Will they each follow the path laid out for them or will they choose to follow their hearts?

Beverly Lewis does an amazing job of developing the characters throughout the book, especially that of Amelia. The reader sees her struggle with the decision of which path to follow – duty versus the desires of the heart.

This was an incredible book that I would highly recommend.  The story grabs your attention early on and the reader becomes engrossed in the town of Hickory Hollow and all the people there.