The Art of Losing Yourself – Book Review

art of losing

Being a fan of Katie Ganshert’s first three books, it was no surprise that I was thrilled to be selected to receive an advance copy of her latest book, The Art of Losing Yourself.

I devoured the book in just a few short days. I was drawn into this elaborate story world Katie created within the confines of the first and last pages for her characters. Carmen is dealing with her own issues when her 17 year old sister, Gracie, comes to lives with her and her husband, Ben. Over the course of the novel, the reader has a backstage pass to the ups and downs of their lives Continue reading

A Broken Kind of Beautiful – Book Review

broken cover

Having read Katie Ganshert’s earlier books, I was excited to have the opportunity to read and review her latest book, A Broken Kind of Beautiful.

The main character, Ivy Clark had the life many only dream about, she was an international fashion model. What more could one ask for? There was a hollowness in her life that she couldn’t seem to fill. Unexpectantly, she is plucked from the limelight of New York to return to Greenbrier, South Carolina. Ivy’s step-mom, Marilyn, requests her as the model for her line of wedding dresses. Ivy knows at her age, 24 – ancient for a fashion model, she has to take this job. Ivy hopes it will open doors for her.

Many events transpire during Ivy’s time in South Carolina and doors are opening as others begin to close. Ivy must determine not only her path, but also how to deal with the growing void in her life.

Katie Ganshert did an excellent job with this book. Not only did the characters come alive, but it spoke truth into my own life. I would definitely suggest picking up A Broken Kind of Beautiful. To give you a taste for the book, here is chapter one.