In the Valley of Sheep

I’m delighted to have Jeanie Kelley back with us on Friend Friday. I know that you will love what she has to share with you.

In the first chapter of Limitless Life it discussed David and how humble he was. He depended on God. He leaned on him even in the midst of his running from Saul. I love how he had conquered his fear. He was not defined by his label.

Have I depended on God? You betcha’. Since all has transpired with Warren and this job situation I had put a label on me. Not capable. But after reading this chapter, I have discovered that I am more than capable. I am worthy, I am loved. God has never turned his back on me. I have washed the “not” away and say “I am capable.” Capable of the little things that I am doing. Those things are standing beside my husband and praying for him. Strengthening him to help him look for a job. We have not arrived yet, but I have not given up on God. God has not given up on me.

Have I arrived yet? No, I have not arrived as of yet, but I know it is coming. I am resting in Jesus’ arms and truly inspired by the little blessings that Jesus has provided. God knows what we need even when we do not ask for it.

Do I feel unnoticed and what I am doing is not important? There are times, I do feel unnoticed. Unnoticed by God and people around me. But I think that is where God needs to have me. He needs to work on me and my life. Am I doing stuff that is important? Yes I am doing a lot of important things. I am a wife and mom strengthened by God. I have learned that God is the only one who will take care of me.

How about you? Are you depending on God today and have taken the labels and thrown them away?

Keep Smiling! For an audience of One.

Trials – Guest Post

I have another wonderful lady sharing with you today, Jeanie Kelley. We served together on the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Prayer Warrior Team. It is a blessing to have her on the blog today.




Trials come and trials go. How strong are we? I can say for myself that since September of 2012, I have walked through trials. I have been wondering and asking “Why God?” and “When God, will this transpire?”

In September of 2012 my husband lost his job of twelve years with Home Depot. So I walked into this trial not knowing what was going to happen. Were we going to lose everything we worked so hard for? How are we going to pay our bills? What about health insurance? When these things weigh on your mind, you do begin to worry about the future.

The future has been so unpredictable for us. On top of all of this, we are looking for a different car. I keep remembering that old saying, “When it rains, it pours!” For us, it was pouring bucket fulls.

I, like the rest of the world, am prone to worry. Worry does not solve the trial. I do believe worry just makes things worse. Health wise, worry and trials are just a bad thing. So how do you let go of worry? Out of all of this, I am remembering what Jesus has said in Matthew 6:25-34. Jesus said, “Do not worry.” What does this mean?

It means we, as God’s children, do not need to worry. We need to trust. Trust what Jesus has said, and to be our daily portion. We need to remember that worry is sin which the enemy loves to throw back in our faces. He can get us thinking, “how can I put this worry back up for God’s children to see?”
He can do it in subtle ways.

We have all had that scenario before. we have put something like job loss up on the altar and we tell God, “God, this is yours. You have control over it.” So simple and so easy. We take it down and play with it. The worry comes and we begin putting the “what if” questions out there. We need to rest in his promise.

How about you? How are you letting go of your trials and worries?