God’s Timing – Guest Post

We have a special treat, Sarah Travis, is back with us on Friend Friday. I know that you will love what she has to share with you.

James 1v5

In October, I felt like Paul on the road to Damascus when he was blinded and told to GO…(Acts 9:6)! The big difference being that I was already saved! Jason and I had been praying about our future, and felt God saying very strongly that we were to quit our life in Washington, D.C., head to his hometown of Knoxville, T.N., and then on to my parent’s home in Scotland for a 5 month sabbatical. This is as far as we could see, I felt blinded, not knowing what His plans were for our future.

One thing was clear ~ our future was not in D.C. I remember lying in bed in Knoxville one morning, as our time to leave for Scotland drew ever closer. I hear God whisper to me: “This sabbatical is NOT a time to reinvent yourself; it is a time to REMEMBER who you are.” This is the most audible I have ever heard the voice of the Lord speak to me. I knew our future was, in part, something that He had already shown us in the past.

We went…we sacrificed our time as an offering to God…asked for wisdom…and WAITED! Continue reading