Friday Fun – Character Game


Today, we are going to try something a little different. We are going to be playing a game together. The more of you that participate, the more fun it will be. I would like you to think of the last book you read. Okay, do you have it in mind? Alright, you are now the main character in that book. In the comment section, I would like you to share what you are doing? Let’s see if we can guess what books are friends are reading? On your mark… get set… GO!

Don’t Let the Comparison Train Leave Jealousy Station

Comparisons can creep into so many aspects of our lives. Today, I am going to unpack what the Bible has to say about comparing ourselves to others. We are going to look at three different passages of scripture and illuminate how we need to respond to the comparison game. So, get your Bibles out and read these passages and journal what it means to you. Continue reading

Friday Afternoon Fun

fun in the sun

Before I announce this week’s winners, I would like to share a few moments with you. The weather is getting warmer and the white space on my calendar is filling up faster than the clothes in the kids’ hamper. If you can identify with this I would like you to take just a few minutes and watch the video. I hope that it will bring a smile to your face as you greet the weekend. Continue reading

What are you planting?


The weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday. The sun was out and the temperature was warm enough to shed the coats and bring the patio table and chairs out of storage. It was also the perfect time to get the seeds planted for the garden. The kids were all eager to join in the task, carefully poking a hole in the soil and placing the tiny seed inside. Years ago I never would have imagined being excited to plant seeds and tend a garden. However, things have changed. Continue reading

Unfailing Love

God's Love Text

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the credit card commercial that went something like this:

  • Pizza with everyone’s favorite toppings – $30
  • Board game everyone can agree upon – $20
  • Quality time with family – PRICELESS

I just love those. It really makes you stop and think about what is important and of value in your life.

I know that as a wife and mother, I couldn’t begin to quantify my love for my husband and children. That’s why this verse in Psalm really hit home with me. Continue reading

Friday Afternoon Fun

spring forward

I have to admit that I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that this Sunday we “spring” forward for daylight savings day when the view out my windows looks more like “walking in a winter wonderland.” So, I plan on cuddling up with my fuzzy blanket next to the fire while I flip through the seed catalogs and dream about my garden.

With Spring just about the corner, hopefully, what are you most looking forward to?


This song seemed so appropriate for today, since my daughter is coming home for spring break. Also, a shout out to my mom who is in this video.


What makes you happy? Share in the comment section. Each comment will get you entered into the drawing for FREE books. The winners will be announced Monday on the blog. Have a Happy weekend!

Writer’s Wednesday: Ask the Author


For today’s edition of Writer’s Wednesday, I decided to do something fun. I’ve had several people ask me questions about writing; so today I’m going to have “Ask the Author.” This is your chance to find out a little more about my writing and me. I will get you started with a few questions and then open it up to you. All you need to do is leave a question for me in the comment section below. I will respond to each question. Don’t forget, any comment or question left on the blog this week will get you entered into the drawing for FREE books. You don’t want to miss out. So, let’s get started!

What is your writing routine?  Any quirky habits or must-have snacks?

My writing routine would be to sit down with two or three sharpened pencils, large eraser, pencil sharpener and a yellow legal pad. I guess you could say I’m old school. I simply love writing out my rough draft by hand, flipping page after page in the legal pad. When I am working on a manuscript, I generally work throughout the day while the kids are at school. Pouring over one scene after another. Once I complete a chapter, I will type it into the computer. I have started using Scrivener, which is an incredible program, not just for writers. But I won’t go into all the benefits of that program today J

As far as snacks go, it is necessary for me to have my cup of coffee and Reese’s pieces or almonds (depending upon my mood).

What message do you hope readers take away from this book?

          Whether I am writing fiction or non-fiction, I want my readers to take away hope and encouragement. I also want my writing to draw others closer to Christ and spur them on to be a light to those around them.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not writing?

When I am not writing, I am spending time with my husband and kids. I love to garden and can the fresh produce for the cold winter months. I also enjoy reading, crocheting and scrapbooking.

What books are on your nightstand right now?

Patsy Clairmont’s, You are More Than you Know and Debbie Macomber’s, Mr. Miracle

Now, it is your turn. What would you like to know? Ask away. I look forward to hearing your questions and connecting with you today.