Snow Day … What to do?

I’m a little delayed at getting this posted, but we received over 8 inches of snow yesterday and therefore all the kids were home from school. If your kids are anything like mine at least once over the course of a school break or snow day, I will hear “what can we do?”Instead of telling you what my crew found to do today, I am going to show you.

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How do you pass the time on a snow day?

Leave your comments below and you will be entered into the next drawing. Speaking of which, the winners for last week are Christine and Carmen Horne. Please email me your address and I will get your book in the mail to you.

2 thoughts on “Snow Day … What to do?

  1. I actually had a “snow” day from work on Friday. It didn’t start until 11:15 and it took me 1 1/2 hours to get home (usually a 30 minute drive). I went home and made hamburger vegetable soup and vegged on the couch the rest of the day.

  2. I had an “ice day” last Monday and went into work early on a couple days last week so I wouldn’t have to drive during the messiest parts of the night. My dog (a Shih Tzu) was not happy with me as our front yard is a hill and I couldn’t safely walk down or up so I would take him out in the back yard. I had to take him out to the back yard 4 times before he would do more than pee. He is so used to being walked on a leash, and he enjoys his walks. It was funny to watch him fall through the snow and ice with every step he took. And the small ball he took out he couldn’t pick up after he dropped it in the snow as he couldn’t just pick up the ball; snow would get in his mouth. I had to dig the ball out of the snow for him.

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