Love Note


Love is in the air.

The store shelves are lined with hearts, candy and Valentines. Television commercials and pinterest are eager to give us additional gift ideas from jewelry and roses to something handmade from the “heart”. You will have to forgive me, but here on February 13th my mind is elsewhere. You see, 15 years ago I was having pizza with a friend, enjoying a day out with Taylor, who was two. That evening the pains intensified and I knew it was time.

The time I had been waiting for since I saw the two blue lines. It was time to meet my son.Devin arrived at 11:57 pm weighing almost 10 pounds, you wouldn’t guess it by looking at him today. It was definitely love at first sight. Time has done nothing but increase that feeling, not only for Devin but all my kids.


I look at Devin and I remember how he used to wear this brown cowboy hat everywhere, including to bed. I recall his first word, first step and other milestones along the way. As he transitions into this next stage and grows into a young man, I have to say it’s hard for this momma to let go. I want him to grow and thrive, but it’s difficult not to step in and attempt to make everything better. I have already discovered that a Band-Aid and a kiss on the forehead doesn’t fix everything.

This is similar to our relationship with God. He loves us unconditionally and is always there for us, but we must continue to grow, but physically and spiritually and take those steps of faith. We can rest assured that God is there to help us, love us and cheer us on, just as I am with my children.

SO today, I celebrate Devin, my strong, intelligent, compassionate son that God blessed me with 15 years ago. I pray that he continues to draw closer to God and follow after the plan God has for him. May nothing keep Devin from accomplishing all God has for him.

Devin, I love you with all my heart.

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