Fun Friday

book tree

Before I announce the next winner, I would like to share my newest and most favorite Christmas decoration this year, my book tree. I simply selected books from our numerous shelves around the house. Can’t tell we like to read, you can? The key to making a stable tree is being certain that the books on each level are the same thickness. I went about sorting and stacking my treasured books with a twist here and a turn there, just life the stories themselves. I completed the look with a small strand of clear, white light and a shadow box star adoring the top book.

I would love for you to share in the comment section below about your favorite decoration. You can either post a picture or simply tell us about it. Who knows, I might get some creative ideas for next year 🙂


And now for the moment you have been waiting for….this week’s winner is Faith. Please email me your address and I will get a book in the mail to you. Keep leaving your comments throughout the month to be entered to win.

3 thoughts on “Fun Friday

  1. What a creative idea! We are still in the stage of adorning windows and walls with the children’s artwork. We also have an Angel display that becomes the heavenly choir that sings as Jesus’ birth is announced to the shepherds!

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