Calling Women of Faith

Today, my sweet friend Gwendolyn is sharing on the blog. She is the prayer team director for the Indianapolis Women of Faith Conference. Gwendolyn is in need of women who are willing to step out and pray. There is no denying the power of prayer and I ask that you read through the information provided and then contact her to sign up to make a difference.



Calling Women of Faith

Volunteers needed in Indianapolis

Many of you have experienced the Women of Faith Tour in years past. This inspiring program is coming to Indianapolis once again September 26 & 27, 2014. Transform your soul, awaken your spirit, and revive your faith at our 2014 event: From Survival to Revival. At this all-new event you’ll receive powerful Bible teaching, be inspired by uplifting music, enter into authentic worship, and more. Experience the renewal that comes from spending time in the presence of God. Discover new joy and a fresh sense of purpose. Gather your group, call your friends, and put your family on notice. It’s time to plan for From Survival to Revival!

This year we are calling for volunteers to be part of the Indy Prayer Team. Members of this elite group will commit to attend the event and be responsible for one hour of earnest prayer either walking the floor or one hour of earnest uninterrupted prayer in the prayer room. Are you known for the spiritual gift of prayer? Do you feel lead to participate in this multi-state revival? Do you know someone who would also like to join? Please visit our Indy Prayer Team website at to sign up or to print a flyer to hang in your church lobby.
Prayer is needed to bring revival to the participants, many coming for the first time to a spiritual event.
Prayer is needed for the leaders and speakers, to give confidence and to bless their words.
Prayer is needed to bring revival to the area.

Please feel free to visit the website or to call me personally with any questions. We would like to have at least 50 volunteers in the Indianapolis area.


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