I’m Not Lazy. I Was Resting.

We have a special treat, Jill Tucker, is back with us on Friend Friday. I know that you will love what she has to share with you.

During the meeting I led recently I admitted I was tired most days lately and wasn’t sure why.  One of the well-meaning participants, who by the way wore a wonderful turquoise denim jacket and matching shoes, looked straight at me and said, “I used to think I was tired too but then I realized I’m just lazy.”
Hmm… was that for me?  Was I truly tired?  Was I just being lazy?
On my way home from the meeting I told God just how I was feeling. Of course.  I forget sometimes to tell him how thankful I am, but you can bet I tell him when I’m tired and frustrated and maybe lazy.
That’s when I realized that Nope, I’m Not Lazy. I Am Doing Too Much.  I committed to slow down in the writing/blogging/speaker areas of my life and just focus on my family for a little while.
This was the right decision, because He was about to rock my family’s world.  I could just feel it in my bones that God was about to answer a huge prayer. A prayer that kept the hubsy and me up many nights hoping, praying.  I was usually already up. I don’t require much sleep. He kept my husband up. You know what I’m saying.
And then BAM!  Miraculously, truly miraculously, the hubsy received word that she was allowed to come to live with us.
This gal.  Lilly.  My beautiful, talented, NICE NICE NICE step-daughter Lilly.  Oh God, give me a heart like Lilly’s.
So, here was another part of the miracle. She was coming SOON!  As in two weeks.  And I was still tired.  And we didn’t have much money.
I did something a little radical for me. I reached out far and wide to women from my church and friends and they came out of the holy woodwork with hands wide open to help us prepare for Lilly’s arrival–How Can I Help?
They donated clothing and all sorts of stuff for Lilly. AND for Bode so he wouldn’t feel left out.
They helped us paint. They donated furniture and clothing and money and decorations. Others sold us items for very little money.
They helped us decorate and pray and prepare.  Some of these women I didn’t even know. Matthew 7:7 is for real.  You can stand in that truth all day long, my friend.
So, after a few months of transition and laughter and settling, I am back in The Game. It’s good to be back.  It was also good to rest and completely focus on my family for a season.

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