Summer Fun

summer fun

June brings sunny days and kids out of school. This is a time many moms wonder how they can avoid the dreaded phrase, “I’m bored!” I have put together a few ideas for the rest of this month. Feel free to take these ideas and cater it to your own family or yourself. I would love to hear your creative ideas for conquering boredom.


    June Fun Calendar    
9 Get ready for Father’s Day… 10 Go bike riding… 11 Make a gift for Dad… 12 Jump rope … 13 Make s’mores…
14 Watch a video… 15 Father’s Day… 16 Ice Cream Night… 17 Play HORSE… 18 Silly string war… 19 Have a triathlon…
20 Cool off and read a book together… 21 First Day of summer…  22 Try a new snack today… 23 Jump rope… 24 Play with dominoes… 25 Build a fort…
26 Bring the beach home… 27 Water balloon fun… 28 Play with clay… 29 Enjoy a puzzle… 30 Build an obstacle course…    

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