The Last Bride – Book Review & Giveaway


Having read the previous books in the Hickory Hollow Series by Beverly Lewis, I was anxious to return to this quaint community in her latest release, The Last Bride.

Like the women in Hickory Hollow, Tessie Miller was anxious to be married and start a family. Her four sisters had already walked down the isle. Tessie had her heart set on the love of her life, Marcus King, but her father makes it clear that they are not to be together. Firmly believing this is God’s will, Marcus and Tessie decide to secretively marry anyway. They return to the community and continue to live as if nothing has changed, sneaking a stolen moment together here and there. Tessie and Marcus see this as a short-term arrangement waiting on the perfect time to tell everyone. However, when the unthinkable happens Tessie is left to deal with so much. She must determine the kind of legacy she wants to leave. Will she crumble from the pressure or even face the Bann? Can she find help and hope amidst these circumstances.

Beverly Lewis does a wonderful job of drawing the reader in at the very beginning and keeping you turning pages until the end. I would recommend you pick up a copy of The Last Bride. It is a delightful escape to the warm community of Hickory Hollow complete with old and new faces.


I would like to not only tell you about the changes on the blog, but also celebrate with a giveaway. First of all, the format is going to change slightly. On Mondays, I am going to be sharing a book review or other product that I have found that is simply too good to keep to myself. Wednesday Wisdom will be what my blog typically has been in the past. Finally, I am adding Friend Fridays. On Fridays, I will be having guest bloggers on my site. I am so excited to get to share their writing with each of you.

Now for the celebration, I am giving away a Soda Stream starter kit!Easter 2014 046The winner will receive a brand new Soda Stream with 6 sample flavors. What you see pictured is what is included. Here is how you enter to win:

  • Leave a comment on the blog between now and May 30th
  • Share my blog on facebook, twitter or Pinterest
  • Subscribe to my blog
  • Like my facebook author page
  • Follow me on twitter

I will announce the winner here on my blog, June 2nd. Don’t miss out!

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