In my quiet time this past week there have been several verses that have spoke to me. However, what really stuck with me was from Revelation 12:11, “by the word of their testimony”, we need to share our journey with others. So today, I’m going to reveal a little of my story with you.

If anyone would have told me years ago I would be where I am today, I would have laughed. In my mind, there was no way that God would use me. Those positions were reserved for those with certain looks, specific gifts and certainly no shadows in their past. I determined that the only thing I was qualified for as far as God was concerned was sitting in the back of the church on Sunday and occasionally helping in the nursery.

But God had other plans for me. He used me with my past mistakes and failures in such a mighty way.

Over ten years ago, I thought my world was coming to an end. My husband left our three small children and me. I was blindsided and completely devastated. I didn’t understand why we had to endure this valley. I felt like since my husband didn’t love or want me that God must feel the same way.

But God turned that mess into a message. I have been able to lift up, encourage and walk beside ladies traveling in that same valley.

The desire that God placed in my heart for women, like myself, who struggle with insecurities, doubts and fears, birthed my first book, Get REAL: Stop Hiding Behind the Mask.

Those things alone are amazing, but God continues to remind me that He is not done with me.

Last fall, on my birthday, I received news that rocked me to the core – it’s cancer. During the time frame from diagnosis through surgery recovery, I have the privilege of having family, friends and my Online Bible Studies sisters lift me up in prayer. It meant so much to me to know that they were not only praying for me, but also checking in with me to see how things were going. This season planted a seed. Months later, that seed has blossomed into the Online Bible Studies Real Hope Prayer Warrior Team that I am the director of.

God knew even before I took my first breath that He would take that insecure, frightened young woman hiding in the back of the church and use her in a mighty way.

Amazed doesn’t begin to put my feelings into words. I now know that no matter how you see yourself, it is how God sees you that matters (John 16:33). This is not just true for me. God can and will use you. Do not think for a moment that you are too far away for God to reach you. He loves you dear friend – never forget that.

Simply say Yes to Him and follow His leading and be amazed.

Your Turn:

  • How has God amazed you this week?
  • In what area do you need to stop listening to the lies and simply follow God’s leading and see what He can do in and through your life?





2 thoughts on “Amazed

  1. Jamy, you have prayed with me for 6 months now, I love you. It still amazes me that something I posted in our OBS blog caught your attention. I appreciate you more than I could say. God has taken me through all the trials in my life (that continue still) but, He gives me hope & joy through it all. I am blessed & now I am a P31 Small Group Leader, I am utterly amazed. Thank you sweet friend for doing what God has asked you to do ❤️

  2. Jamy, your blog is always inspiring and thought provoking. I was amazed when my son finally admitted he had no goals in life and that he had made a decision about his future. I’ve waited a long time to hear that. So, now he has a plan and is putting it into action. We are supporting him all the way. As for what I need to do, I need to improve my own self confidence in the knowledge of His word. Not sure if that makes sense….but I know I should share more with people about my walk with God. I feel as though I might misquote a verse or say something wrong. I don’t want to get into a “religious argument” with anyone and fear my knowledge is lacking. I’ve seen and experienced so many wonderful things in the last 2 years that could only happen through the hand of God. So, I pray that He will continue to lead me, teach me and show me how to share His word. Thanks, and Blessings to you.

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