Palms Up


Numerous times in the Bible we are instructed to “lift our hands” to God. Have you tried doing this with clinched fists? Let me ask you a different question, how effective can you lift up anything if your hands are not open? Try this with me, I want you to make a fist with each hand, now pick up a piece of paper, not using your fingers, just your fists, and lift it up. Now, try the exact same activity with your hands open. Which way is easier? Without a doubt, the second way is much more effective.

The very same principle can be applied to our relationship with God. What is holding you back from growing closer to God? In other words, what are you holding on to so tightly that your hands are not open to what God has for you? For me, my fears and insecurities have kept me from fully surrendered to God.

When I was younger, we were given coins for milk money at school.  I held tightly to those coins the entire bus ride.  I did not want to take the chance of losing them.  My hand would begin to cramp and hurt, but I would not let lose of those coins until I was safely at school.  When I did release the coins to the school secretary, the imprints still lingered.  It does not really matter what the object is, heavy or light, the result is the same – it is tiring. The same is true in our lives when we try to hold on to our fears, insecurities or personal agendas.  By holding on to these things, not only is it tiring, but it also is keeping us from reaching those dreams that God has for each of us. In order to accomplish this, we must not only let go of our own plans, but also step out of that comfort zone.

Fear usually is the obstacle that stands in our way. We are limited in our focus because we do not see the big picture. We must remember, “perfect love casts out fear” (I John 4:18). God’s love for us far outweighs our fear. Do not fall into the trap of letting fear rule your life. You will miss out on what God has for you.

Dear friend, God has a purpose and a plan for your life. More than that, He longs to pour out His blesses upon you. However, you and I will not be able to receive these blessings if our hands are tightly clinching the past, fears, or our own plans. We must open our hands and lay everything we have been holding onto at God’s feet. Then with our palms lifted up to Him, we are ready to say Yes to His leading. When we make that decision and step out in faith, the blessings will flow in and through our lives.

Don’t let anything hold you back from a deeper relationship with God. Lift your palms up to God today and Say Yes.

2 thoughts on “Palms Up

  1. Hi Jamy !
    Since the online bible study we did with the palms up being a hash tag I have so many times in my anxieties cried out within me ” palms up, Lord, palms up!” It helps and I keep working on opening my hands palms up to Him so I can receive the blessings he has for me. Thanks for this post as I have been struggling with fear and anxiety more lately . Thanks and God bless you! Liz

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