Just Obey

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I would like to welcome all of you who are participating in Maryland Community Church’s What Happens When Women Say Yes to God study. Whether you are participating in the study at the church, online or just stopping by my blog, I encourage you to read through my Monday and Wednesday posts over the next six weeks as we discover how God will work in and through our lives when we choice to surrender our plans, dreams and desires for what He has in store for us.

As a mother to five incredible children, I find that I am learning so many lessons through them. The most recent example of this was a conversation I had with our youngest son, Quintin (age 6).

Let me set the scene for you. We were all getting ready to leave and Quintin was poking along. I kept trying to encourage him to pick up the pace – getting his shoes on and out to the car. As he reluctantly made his way to grab his shoes by the door, I informed him we were heading to Mamaw’s house and I was certain he wanted to get right over there. He looked up at me with those adorable eyes and said, I didn’t know. Momma, why didn’t you give me all the details? I looked at him and replied, Quintin, you do not need to have all the details, just obey.

As soon as the words left my tongue I felt the conviction in my own heart. You see I have had a similar interchange with my Heavenly Father. I kept praying for God to lay out all the details in front of me and then I would gladly slip on my shoes and follow His leading. But let me ask you, is that really walking in faith and trusting God? Absolutely not.

Since I have decided to really say Yes to God, I have to simply obey with childlike faith, not questioning the details.

What about you, how is your faith walk? What steps will you take today to obediently follow God’s leading instead of standing still asking questions?

5 thoughts on “Just Obey

  1. Thank you for your powerful anecdote. I don’t know how many times I’ve found myself telling my kids some rendition of “You don’t ask why, you don’t question, you don’t backtalk,you don’t say ‘but mmmmmaaaaammmmmaaaa”, you just do. When I ask you to do something, you do it knowing I have your best interests at heart.” But never have I associated that with my own obedience to my Father. So thank you! Perhaps Nike’s motto is fitting here. Just do it. (Of course that is MUCH easier said than done.)

  2. Many words flow from my mouth when speaking with my 9 year old daughter. I need to chose more wisely what I say and do in front of my daughter. She is very sensitive as it is and sometimes does not understand that I mean well. My walk with God is to read more, pray more, listen more, and be more.

  3. Does anyone wonder if we just say just do it or don’t backtalk because no one ever took the time to explain it to us as to the greater power of God and why we should obey. Just something I’ve been thinking about for awhile now anyways.

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