Did you feel that?

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I have an article featured on Encouragement Café today that I would love for you to read and then come back and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Here is just a small sample of the article:

Sitting down first thing in the morning to enjoy a cup of coffee only to be hit with feeling that you need to call your friend. You push the idea to the side, thinking that’s a little odd and go on with your morning. Opening your email, the nudge is just a bit stronger this time. Unable to shake the feeling, you decide it is time to pick up the phone, knowing that  your friend is going to question you calling out of the blue. However, that is not the response you hear. Instead, through the tears, you hear her say, “how did you know? This is exactly what I needed right now.”….

~ What about you, How is the Holy Spirit nudging you?

3 thoughts on “Did you feel that?

  1. Oh Jamy. Thus has happened to me a few times.. once I remember so well. I took my sweet mother in law who we list to brain cancer may was 2 years ago and as I sat in the waiting room, a younger lady was sitting next to me. There were plenty if less crowded seating areas but I Fletcher that “nudge” to have a seat beside her. I Bahamas reading my devotion ad I was waiting and there it was again.. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was I was supposed to do , so I just politely asked her, are u OK.. she did seem troubled, she ssaid Yes ma’am.. and then I waited and was a little apprehensive.. and I knew.. I asked her did she know Christ, and turns out she knew of Him and I just told her that nothing that was going on in her life was too big for Him.. I even asked if she wanted me to prayer with her, she refused… so I left my phone number.. at that moment, my sweet patient was walking out.. we left and she never called.. all I know is I felt that deep need to say… something.. that He wanted me to act… somehow.. whether I did as I was supposed to.. I don’t know. Loved this today and love u sweet lady.

  2. Very inspiring how Holy Spirit nudging you. He has been placing new ideas in working with women and encouraging them in a new way of seeing themselves through God’s eyes. Also doing day time ministry as night time I’m unable due to physically can’t do it.

    In two months I will no longer lead a GriefShare group at night and possible a small group I’ve co-lead for 2 1/2 years. He is having me evaluate what I’m doing and I have excitement to what is ahead.

    I started last week helping do computer work two morning a week in our Hope Center. I enjoy the mornings out and seeing other women and coming home I want to do more thi gs at home. I’m NOT eating as much as I’m busy and stayed the same weight for 3 weeks now. Yay not gaining.

    Thank you for saying yes to God, you encourage me so very much and I love seeing how God is shing through you. Blessings!

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