2 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Great picture! I made the decision to get baptized again in August. I choose today to continue to follow Jesus. Everyday won’t be easy, however, I refuse to let satan win!

  2. Love it Jamy! Our Pastor just finished a series on this very subject. I had planned on blogging a post due to over 25 people led to baptism right then and there at this week’s Sat night service. This was a total and complete surprise to the congregation. It was an awe-inspiring moment to watch all the people-adults and kids, couples, and families showing obedience to God AND choosing to listen to that still, small voice saying, “Go, go up now and get baptized. Come, follow me.” My friend was one of them! She had wanted to be baptized, and had been recently, in a very private ceremony in the Gulf of Mexico with a friend and a Pastor. She didn’t want to be baptized at our church in the dunk booth. Since then she has taken our OBS study, “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God”, and has really grown! I was so very excited for her to go down and join in the line of those to be baptized or rededicate their lives, as she so happily and willingly did. I will never forget it. I cannot WAIT until they make the service available online. I have since found out since that we had 182 baptisms in one weekend over three services.

    Jamy, thanks for sharing your picture and your words. Eternity resides on each word and deed, yes? We have a dunk tank just like yours. I had the great privilege of baptizing a sister in Christ. What a glorious feeling! I am sure your family rejoiced heavily that day! I love that Heaven rejoices when someone comes to Christ. I know that I am “following” Him and my relationship has grown much closer and stronger. I believe that keeping an “eternal perspective” is absolutely essential for us, and for honoring God, sharing this truth, while giving Him all the glory.

    Oh, and one more thing! Thanks for the beautiful print! I cannot wait to get it hung up. Love you Sweet Sister!


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