14 thoughts on “Follow the Leader and a Giveaway

    • Tracy, do you think this a great thing? Oh how I have learned from those “ahead” of me, especially in words and action. I soak everything up an pray to Jesus about it. In time, I became someone who is “ahead” and am helping those following behind me. The great thing is I earn from those of you also! Constantly learning from God and other Believers s a joyous gift God gives. God bless!

  1. Jamy, thank you for this WONDERFUL analogy with the bus! Thank you also for clarifying what it means to “take up our cross and follow Jesus”. I believe I do fairly well with this since my salvation 4 years ago. When I feel out of bounds or like I am going off course I immediately pray that I want to stay equally yoked with Him. I pray continually with God and invite Him into ALL of my life!

    I love your heart and always love your blog. Regarding the contest I have done most of what you asked already. Tweeted this, shared on FB, and am working on Pinterest and Linked In. I am following you on those sites, Twitter and FB. I ALSO am going to REBLOG this over to “Free to Fly Now”, my blog. BTW, you are the only one I ever reblog because I love all you are and all you offer. I would LOVE that print but God knows who He wants it to go to.

    Great video Jamy! Love you Sweet Sister!

    Tristine (OBS Small Group Leader)

  2. Reblogged this on Free to Fly Now and commented:
    Another WONDERFUL post bt my Sweet Friend Jamy Whitaker. Give away too! I hope you enjoy her video based on keeping God in sight and following our Leader I’m Jesus. Take up your cross! Happy Reading. Love you all! Tristine

  3. My One Word for this year that I am focusing on is SEEK – I am seeking the Lord with all my heart. While I am not always perfect at it, since I made the decision to seek God purposefully and daily, I have seen myself turn into more of a follower than a leader. Each day I try to run things through the lense of my desire to seek and serve Him and be obedient to whatever He asks me to do. My desire to control everything has definitely been tempered.

  4. Thank you for that wonderful word! The school bus analogy was great! I don’t have children to follow, so I used your analogy as a starting point for my own! I thought about flying. Every time I step on a plane, I’m trusting the pilot will take me to the right destination. There may be some turbulence, wind, storms, and even delays, but I must trust the pilot will get me to where I supposed to be. The same with God! I need to trust He’s going to get me to the right destination. The flight my not be a smooth one, or it may be delayed; however, He will get me to the correct destination at the right time!

    • Courtney, I liked how you changed the analogy to fit for you and I can relate to flying. My kids have grown and I now have grandchildren my first thought goes to apply with them, when God wants me to now apply all to where I am now. Thank you for redirecting my thoughts.

  5. Jamy – I love your analogy of the schoolbus! That is a great picture of leading and following. Over the years , I have struggled with wanting to lead when I need to follow. The scripture from Luke is so right on because we not only have to deny ourselves to follow but we have to do it DAILY. Staying on track for me is a daily process of staying in His Word and listening to that nudge in my spirit when I am our of line.

    Love the video blog! Look forward to more!

    • Hi Sweet Sister! I love what you write.nit IS a daily decision marked with, for me, constant communication as sometimes I am “driving” with zero visibility. Psalm 119:105, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”, has become a favorite lately. ❤ ya Judie:)

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jamy. If only we would always remember to follow the leader rather than trying to make our own way (and getting lost in the process!) we would be better able to enjoy the trip. Blessings to you and your ministry.

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