Struggling to Let Go

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For many of us fall means back to school. Every year since I was very little, I longed for the day when we would go shopping for school supplies – new crayons, pencils and notebooks. They just screamed of new possibilities. What would the school year bring? What new friends would I meet? What assignments and projects would these tools help me create?

Now as a mother, the feelings of back to school are not the same. Oh, I still enjoy helping the kids select their supplies, but it also means letting go. Letting go of them during the day to attend school: learn, grow and make friends.

This year letting go was taken to a whole new level. You see, up to this year I always had a little one at home with me. Someone to play and laugh with. Our youngest, Maddy, started kindergarten. As difficult as that alone is our oldest, Taylor, started her junior year of high school at the Indiana Academy (two and a half hours from home).

This transition has been difficult for both of us. Taylor and I have always been really close and now I don’t get to see that bright smiling face everyday. However, I know that this is not only a fabulous opportunity for her, but also where God wants her. Therefore, I must loosen my grip and let go.

You may not be able to relate to a child going off to school, but if you are like me, then you can identify with problems of letting go of your will. How many times have I said, this is my goal and then map out exactly how to get from point A to point B. The problem is that I didn’t come before God and ask for His direction, His leading and His plan. I see God moving and working and I take off on my own because it is a struggle to let go of some of my dreams and goals. I must remember that God will do exceedingly abundantly more than I could ever hope or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). The problem arises when I try to receive God’s best without letting go of my will first. We can’t hold on to both.

I simply love how God works, especially when He shows His love and presence to us in a real way. As I was driving home from dropping Taylor off at school after a long weekend, I was feeling down. I was alone with my thoughts, which can be a combination for disaster. I was praying for God to be with Taylor and help her as well as give me the peace and comfort I needed. It was just about dusk, but I looked up and saw part of a rainbow. There wasn’t a drop of rain. God provided that piece of a rainbow to me at that moment as a reminder that He keeps His promises.

Therefore, you and I must loosen our grip and let go. We are not alone and God will take care of everything down to the smallest details.

3 thoughts on “Struggling to Let Go

  1. Oh Jamy, loved this one this morning. We too have the same thing with Daniel, but he is only in the 8th grade. It took a whole new level when he went to Truman this summer. It shows how responsible he is and how I need to let go the grip from him and let God use him in such a new way. Thanks for sharing your heart today.

  2. Thanks Jamy! My kids are grown and gone from the nest, and one was called home to heaven. I so relate to the letting go. We know that God is good and we hold onto his having plans for us for a future and a hope.

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