A Heart at Rest

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Saying yes to God is not something that you do once and simply move on, like an item on a checklist. One yes to God will take you on a journey that will have additional forks in the road where you will have to choose to say yes and follow God’s leading or go your own way.

Many times I have thoughts I knew best. I knew what I should be doing, the goal in mind and exactly the steps I needed to take to get there. However, I didn’t consult God first before setting out. I thought I had it all figured out.

Having traveled this way more times than I care to recall, I can attest to the fact that I was carrying a lot of baggage on my trip. I am not referring to my clothes and cute shoes; no I mean fears, anxiety, doubt and stress. You see, going out on your own we have to carry the load. This generally leads to discouragement, frustration and being overwhelmed.

Through the course of the What Happens When Women Say Yes to God study, I have turned in my excess baggage for peace and rest. This is not to say that my journey is smooth sailing. It just means that I no longer need to let doubts and fears dictate what I will do. By saying yes to God and trusting His leading, I can let go of fears strangling grip and truly find rest in Him.

God has a specific purpose and plan for each one of us. However, we must decide whether we will say yes to His path and leading in our lives.

By giving God command of our lives, we can realize what it feels like to have a heart at rest.

What path will you choose? What will you say yes to?

6 thoughts on “A Heart at Rest

  1. Jamy you hit the nail on the head about the baggage and those cute shoes. We all love those shoes don’t we? Loved your blog today and I love having a heart of rest because of studies like this and beautiful blogs like yours. Blessings today sweet sister. Thanks for blessing me today. Debbie W. (OBS Facebook Group Leader)

  2. Amen to leaving the baggage behind! This past week I did an exercise to show me just how much my worries, fears, and stress weigh me down. For each thought I had, I picked up an item (clothes, shoes, books, cute red journal from a dear friend 🙂 ). After three or four items, I was having trouble trying to hold it all! And it was heavy! I was stressed just from the weight! As I put each item down, I felt relief. The next time I’m stressing, I’m going to physically back a bag to remind me small things will add up to a heavy load!

  3. Amen Jamy! I loved this. We are not meant to carry the load. If we were asked by someone that we trust if they could carry our bags through the airport, we would glady and willingly let them. Jesus has offered to carry our bags, we have to trust him enough to let him!

  4. Oh, Jamy, leaving that baggage behind with you, sister-friend! And, those yeses that produce a fork in the road for more yeses? So. Get. That. I am working through one of those right now! Thank you for encouraging us here and reminding us that we have a choice!

  5. Jamy, loved your post today! What an inspirational combination! Your words and Chris Tomlin’s song! Refocused my prayers for tonight with a fresh vision of saying Yes to God in all things! God bless you!

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