Hello…Discerning the Voice You Hear


I love talking to my family and friends on the phone. It is so much more personal than a text message or email. Last night, I called my oldest daughter, Taylor, who is away for the first time at school. When she answered the phone neither one of us had to ask whom we were talking to. After almost 16 years, I immediately recognize her voice and she recognizes mine.

This phenomenon is the same with any relationship. In order to recognize someone’s voice, we have to spend time getting to know him or her.

I have had people ask me, but what about with God? How can you be certain what you are hearing is actually from God? Since, I have never heard His voice audibly, I have to ask myself a series of questions to see if what I am hearing is from God or not.

The following list of questions is from Lysa TerKeurst’s book, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God. (A special thanks to my dear friend, Kristy Aiken, for making this beautiful picture incorporating the five key questions).

five key questions

By filtering everything through these five questions, I can quickly determine whether something is from God or not. He will never contradict Himself and His Word.

At this point in my life, I do not want to simply push my own agenda. I long to live a life saying Yes to God and therefore, I must make certain it is God’s voice I am following.

The next time you hear a still small voice, I encourage you to examine it to see who is on the other end.

What about you, how do you discern God’s voice? What steps have you taken to make certain you can recognize His voice?

5 thoughts on “Hello…Discerning the Voice You Hear

  1. Hi Jamy! As you stated, its not an audible voice that I hear, it’s more an impression on my heart. And usually its so random and out the ordinary! The request would be so out the ordinary, in a good way, until I just kinda knew it was God. However, since reading Lysa’s book, I want to start asking these 5 questions before automatically assuming its God.

  2. Jamy – yes! Filtering everything through… helps me quickly discern… This is what I latch on to when I am needing to hear from God about something that I’m unsure about. He helps me quickly discern in the moments that I need to do it quickly. But, I have to be willing to submit to this process wholly – and when I do hear from Him, I instantly can know it is His voice I’m hearing. Love you sister!

  3. I did have the Lord awaken me one time from a dead sleep and I could of sworn that I audibly heard him say: Get up and read your Bible. I did get up and opened my Bible and read the scripture that it fell open to. I was directed to deliver a message to my husband through that scripture. It was one of the hardest “yes” moments I have ever had. You see this message was impossible to predict and it was one of those moments that I was telling him something that the Lord only would of known. I thought he would think I was crazy. It worked out that the Lord did direct me correctly (Duhhhh!!!) and the event did come to pass. It was the only time.

  4. I love the phone analogy. Isn’t it true when you hear someone you know them if you’ve spent a lot of time with them? Thank you for this post.

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