Just Obey: Following God’s Leading Without All the Details


As a mother to five incredible children, I find that I am learning so many lessons through them. The most recent example of this was a conversation I had with our youngest son, Quintin (age 6).

Let me set the scene for you. We were all getting ready to leave and Quintin was poking along. I kept trying to encourage him to pick up the pace – getting his shoes on and out to the car. As he reluctantly made his way to grab his shoes by the door, I informed him we were heading to Mamaw’s house and I was certain he wanted to get right over there. He looked up at me with those adorable eyes and said, I didn’t know. Momma, why didn’t you give me all the details? I looked at him and replied, Quintin, you do not need to have all the details, just obey.

As soon as the words left my tongue I felt the conviction in my own heart. You see I have had a similar interchange with my Heavenly Father. I kept praying for God to lay out all the details in front of me and then I would gladly slip on my shoes and follow His leading. But let me ask you, is that really walking in faith and trusting God? Absolutely not.

Since I have decided to really say Yes to God, I have to simply obey with childlike faith, not questioning the details.

What about you, how is your faith walk? What steps will you take today to obediently follow God’s leading instead of standing still asking questions?


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12 thoughts on “Just Obey: Following God’s Leading Without All the Details

  1. As a mom to 5 myself I’ve said that exact thing probably a million times!! What a new way of thinking!! I LOVE the thought of ‘childlike faith’.
    Just a couple of days ago my husband and I overheard (through the baby monitor) my 3 year old daughter playing with her Dad’s cell phone. She was showing her little neighbor friend how she could play Angry Birds…the neighbor girl told her, ‘Hey, we can call somebody’ and my daughter simply replied, ‘I can call God’! Her reply made my evening and I’ll never forget it…if only we could ALL experience that childlike faith everyday!!
    God Bless 🙂

  2. This was an ouchy! I have had plenty of Quintin moments… As recently as an hour ago! I think it’s the controlling part of me that wants to all the details so I can accurately plan. I really need to work on just trusting God and the whole process…. “Sigh”

  3. I often think about living with childlike faith. To be able to take in what God says and not contaminate it with human or worldly thoughts. As I think about it now, perhaps it’s another good journaling project. What will it take for me to live a life fully awash in God’s word and push aside the worldly influences that keep me from a closer relationship with Him? What is holding me back? What steps would I take to make this a reality?

  4. Love Quentin’s heart – because I am like him. I just want details and more details. What a cute, precious story and as always you come up with comparisons I never think of. Loved it. Right now nothing is holding me back. I’ve surrendered and my study and time with Him comes first each day no matter what is going on. I take Him with me, I take my Bible and study in the car with me when we are traveling. I guess my main problem is self! Hugs. Debbie W. (OBS Facebook Group Leader)

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