Following Your Dreams and Blog Giveaway


I have an article featured on Encouragement Café today that I would love for you to read and then come back and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Here is just a small sample of the article:

As a mother of five energetic children, I have always encouraged them to follow after their dreams and not let obstacles stand in their way.  I obviously could not help them accomplish their dreams, but I was always in their corner as their biggest cheerleader – helping and encouraging along the way.

Over the years, I began to realize that I was talking the talk, but not walking the walk.  I could talk a good game about following the dreams God has placed upon your heart, but I was not following after them in my own life.

From a fairly young age, I dreamed of writing a book.  However, I could come up with more excuses why I could never possibly follow through. God continued to work in my life and placed on my heart that this dream was from God, and I needed to get busy….

I would love for you to share a dream with me today and what action step you are going to take to move in the direction of making that dream become a reality.


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To officially kick off my redesigned blog, I am hosting a giveaway this week. Every time you comment of the blog this week, you will be entered to win this prize pack – a red Blessings padfolio, an e-version of my book, Get REAL: Stop Hiding Behind the Mask and a bright blue ink pen to write your dreams and action steps. As an added bonus, for every time you tweet or facebook a blog post, you will get extra entries. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, so you will not miss any of my posts and giveaways.

One thought on “Following Your Dreams and Blog Giveaway

  1. This is a really big and scary topic for me! Whenever I dream of things I want to do, I will tell myself all the reasons why I should. The most popular ones are: I have no idea what I’m doing?! I’ve never done this before?! How do I even start?! Am I good enough?! This year has been a roller coaster of events, but I am grateful because I found God and my faith where I left the two. I’m slowly getting stronger and less stressed. Through everything I discovered God is my passion! I want to spread His word! I want to do something in the ministry, but I have no idea. I regularly volunteer in my church doing various things. This is when my heart is at ease and I feel like I am doing what God has called me to do. I used to consider this to be my first step, but this weekend I had another life altering experience. My husband and I decide to go to Saturday night service, so I can start the P31 OBS and focus my attention on it. We never go to church on Saturday because that’s date day/night! The message that night was on commitment and following your dreams. After service, was baptism. Once again, we never stay! We usually say our goodbyes and go home… but this time we stayed. Out of curiosity I asked a lady on the baptism team, what are the proper steps to getting baptized? Do I need to plan ahead? She answered, you can, but we can baptize you today! I found myself saying yes and being whisked off to change into the outfit provided by the church. The point of all that is, I feel that was truly my first step. I made a commitment to God. I said yes to Him! I was baptized before, but I was told by my parents I had to. But this time was different. I fully understood and was ready to tell God yes! From here, I will just keep praying for God to lead me where I supposed to be in the ministry.

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