Soaring – Part 2


photo (3)As I returned home from the She Speaks Conference and looked out the window, the view was simply breathtaking. Due to the numerous incredible experiences of the weekend, my heart was soaring. I would love to share some of these God moments with you.

Simply being able to come to the conference and serve the Proverbs 31 Ministries was such an honor. I didn’t really expect any additional blessings in return. However, I have discovered that my God can do immeasurably more than I can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). In a conference with over 700 women plus leaders, God did not just show up to She Speaks, but showed off.

As the Director of the Prayer Warrior Team for the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies, I have had the privilege of praying for and following up via email with hundreds of women around the world. Never did I dream that it would be anything more than messages exchanged via email, but God had other plans. One afternoon as I was returning downstairs and waiting for the elevator, a woman asked me if I was Jamy. I said my name is Jamy Whitaker. This dear women looked and me and then responded with, you probably do not remember me, but my name is Shirley, and you sent me a follow-up email message that meant so much to me. We continued to talk all the way down the elevator and back to the main conference area. God had allowed me to put a face with the name I had been praying for and reaching out to. I know that I cannot possibly meet with everyone, but God gave me a glimpse of what this aspect of the ministry is accomplishing.

Sometimes God takes you far from home to introduce you to someone. This is the case in the next example I would like to share. While working at the Online Bible Studies table throughout the course of the conference, I had the privilege of meeting incredible women from around the world. It was such a blessing to hear about where God is leading them on their personal journeys and to share a little about Online Bible Studies, which is dear to my heart. It was in one of the many dear conversations that I met a sweet lady, Jill, from Indiana. And not just any part of Indiana, but about an hour from me. I made a mental note to touch base with her after the conference. As she walked away from the table into the sea of attendees at the conference I didn’t anticipate seeing her again, but God had other plans. The very next morning, I received a text message from Melissa Taylor that a woman needed to go and get some migraine medicine and wondered if I could take her. As I walked down the hall to where Melissa and this lady were standing, I instantly recognized the woman as Jill. I could identify with the pain of her migraines as a fellow sufferer and I was overjoyed that I could assist her. During the ride, we discovered that we had several things in common and exchanged business cards. It was such a blessing for me to see how God brought two ladies from Indiana who love the Lord together at a conference in North Carolina.

These two experiences alone made my heart soar. I could have returned home overjoyed with the time spent at this conference. However, God still had more in store for me. As I was talking with Suzie Eller, author of The Unburdened Heart, she recommended that I go up and introduce myself to an agent. The idea was a little intimidating, but I thought I would just see if I happened to spot this particular woman in the course of the remaining time at the conference. Well, no more than 5 minutes later, she was coming down the hall in front of the Online Bible Study table. I decide to step out in faith and go up and talk with her. As we were conversing, she invited me to come and talk with her during her break. I was trying to remain calm as we finished our conversation, but was jumping up and down inside. Once I returned to the table, I realized that I did not come to the conference prepare to present my book proposal. Therefore, I made my way to the business center to figure out what I could do. Thankfully, I had emailed my entire proposal to myself a few weeks before when my computer was acting up. I now know that it was all God. He knew I would meet that agent and she would want to talk with me. I absolutely love seeing God’s hand at work. Anyhow, I met with the agent not 45 minutes later. It was a wonderful opportunity that I never imagined when I arrived at the conference.

The experiences I had at the She Speaks Conference this year were overwhelming. I could go on and on. I realized that in order for God to pour out blessings on each one of us, you and I must choose to say Yes to His leading in our lives and step out in faith. Do not let fear, doubt and insecurity keep you in a place where you cannot reach the potential and purpose that God has for each one of you. What will you say Yes to today? What is the action step that you are taking this week as you are walking down this path? I would love to pray for you.


4 thoughts on “Soaring – Part 2

  1. Jamy that seriously touched my heart and tears to my eyes. I love how God really shows up, that a amazing story, It gives me strenght and hope and just knowing how great our God is. Thanks for sharing, Love you Lady ❤

  2. Jamy, this is awesome! Your examples perfectly illustrates that God is always working on our behalf! I’m so excited you had the opportunity to speak with an agent in reference to a book deal. I pray that it goes well for you! I loved your first book, and would love to read more of your writings!
    As the weekend approaches I’m preparing for the new OBS What Happens When Women Say Yes to God. I’m so excited and grateful to be apart of it! I ask that you pray for Melissa and Nicki as the lead us on an amazing 6 week journey! Hugs!

  3. What blessed me is that you walked away from your hot breakfast to take me to CVS. Blessed me, humble servant! Though I want to spend many hours writing, I am going to say Yes to my son, who needs more time from me today! Thank you, Jamy! –Jill

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