Undeniably Yours – Book Review


I absolutely loved Becky Wade’s first book, “My Stubborn Heart”, so when I had the opportunity to check out her latest book, I didn’t have to think twice.

The main character, Meg Cole, must return home to the Whispering Creek Ranch in Texas after her father passes away to run the family business. She is determined to quickly take care of things, including firing employees, so that she can get back to her life as usual. However, Bo Porter steps into the picture and has other plans. Not just an employee of the ranch, but one who cares for the horse farm, he makes Meg a deal. He asks to keep the farm for six more months.

Over the course of the six months several things begin to change, including Meg’s perspective on life and what God has in store for her. Meg begins to accept who she is on the inside. Bo also begins seeing things in a different light. He realizes that God loves everyone, regardless of exterior or status.

Everything is running slowly until Meg’s past comes to haunt her when a friend from the past needs her help. Will this bring up the painful past that Meg has tried so desperately to push behind her? Will dealing with her past draw her closer to God or will she turn away from Him?

I would recommend this book, it is a wonderful story that makes you really stop and think about your own perspective on things and what God has in store for each one of our lives and learning to trust His leading.

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