Five Days in Skye – Book Review


With summer break upon us, I decided that my Fun Friday post this week would be to share a wonderful book that I just finished. I know that many people are looking for goods books to read in the summer and this one it is.

Five Days in Skye by Carla Laureano is a wonderful book set in picturesque Scotland. The main character, Andrea Sullivan, is a very hard-working determined hospitality consultant. She is supposed to be taking her first vacation in years and soaking up the sun in Tahiti. However, due to complications with her last assignment, she is forced to change her plans. Instead of relaxing in the sun, she is trying to stay warm in cold, rainy Scotland while working to land a large account and secure her promotion.

Andrea thought this would be like so many of her other assignments, go in assess the property, give her recommendation, get the contract signed and head home. However, she had not calculated James MacDonald into the equation – celebrity and renown chef. Yes, he is her client, but she didn’t expect it to go beyond that.

The question remains whether Andrea and James can ever put their past behind them and trust God to lead them in the future.

Carla does an excellent job really fleshing out her characters as well as the scenery. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it for a great summer read.

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