You Are Blessed – Book Review


In today’s fast-paced society, we have become so busy that we have forgotten what is important. Going on our own strength leaves us weak. On Netgalley’s book review list, I ran across You are Blessed by Darlene Sala. This wonderful devotional is a great way to “refresh your soul.”

The book is divided into short devotions with a scripture verse to jump-start the general idea. The verse is followed by a brief story or anecdote and concludes with a prayer that includes the verse. I love how it is all tied together. The length of each devotion is the perfect size for in between appointments or just a recharge in the middle of your day.

I would recommend picking up a copy of this book for yourself as well as to give as a gift.

One thought on “You Are Blessed – Book Review

  1. Thank you for posting this. I am definitely going to have to get this book. I am attempting to stop smoking which is going to be extremely hard for me. All day today this verse has been everywhere I go so the Lord MUST be speaking to me. (I think he’s about to turn blue in the face with the number of times I have been reminded that he is my strength) 🙂

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