Wishing on Willows – Book Review

wishing cover

I thoroughly enjoyed Katie Ganshert’s last book, Wildflower from Winter, so when the opportunity to return to the community of Peaks, Iowa in her new book, Wishing on Willows, I immediately signed up.

Wishing on Willows centers around the main character, Robin. She is dealing with grief over the sudden death of her husband, Micah, raising little Caleb and now fighting to keep her café, Willow Tree, from being bought out. The question as to whether Robin will get to have another chance at love keeps the reader engaged in the story. For added tension, Ian’s family wants to come into Peaks and build condos. This means taking over the businesses in downtown, including the Willow Tree Café. What will Robin have to give up in order to get a second chance?

I love how Katie creates another wonderful story in the delightful small town of Peaks. Her dynamic characters really make the story. The reader feels for Robin and the struggle she is dealing with.

I would highly recommend this book. Katie’s small town and characters are so delightful. Be sure to put this on your summer reading list.

Click here to read Chapter One

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