Craving His Presence

chapter 6 cover

[I would like to thank my wonderful OBS sister, Amber James, for creating this wonderful visual reminder of the reflection verse for the week.]

I have something incredible to share with you today, in the midst of chaos this week I have felt peace. I know that the difference is not because of a decrease of activities or duties that need my attentions; it is the sheer fact that I made Matthew 6:33 (the reflection verse for the Stressed-Less Living Online Bible Study) my choice this week. I made the decision to seek God first. By simply incorporating this into my day, I have found that I am craving His presence even more. There have been times this week that I am just sitting in God’s presence and longing to draw closer to Him.

Growing up in the church, I have read and heard this verse numerous times. However, I have purposely taken this “head knowledge” and moved it to “heart knowledge”.

In the middle of a flurry of end of school activities, helping out family members, health concerns and everyday trials, God has given me a precious gift – peace.

I can honestly say that my stress level this week is less than is has been in awhile and I attribute it to taking the message of the Stressed-Less Living study and God’s Word to heart and focusing on my Savior instead of drowning in my circumstances.

There are still several areas unresolved in my life at this time, but I am resting today in the knowledge that God has it all under control. Everything, every minuscule detail, will be taken care of in His time and His will.

Today, I am choosing to seek the presence of God and leave my anxiety and stress at His feet.

I challenge you today to find some time, even if it is only a few minutes, and get alone with God. Seek His Presence and lay your concerns and stress at His feet. He will gladly exchange that for peace.

  • How are you choosing to seek God first?
  • How has the message of Matthew 6:33 impacted you?
  • Share what you discovered when you crave God and actively pursue time with Him

10 thoughts on “Craving His Presence

  1. Jamy! My heart is resonating peace right along with yours. I can not tell you how much. Moving the head knowledge to my heart has been a focus for me this week, as well – and it has reaped spiritual (and may I say physical and emotional, too!) benefits beyond anything I could have imagined. God is faithful. I choose to seek Him first and practice cultivating a more faithful heart towards Him, too. I so appreciated your thoughts today!

  2. Jamy, I love seeking God and His Word with you. Big things are happening as He transforms us from the inside out. Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart this morning. I am thanking God for satisfying you with peace and joy today and being everything you need in the midst of imperfect and challenging circumstances. Love ~Shelly F (OBS Leader)

  3. Jamy so glad we are in this study together and that verse too gave me peace. I found this weekend that only through Him was I able to get through that first mother’s day and birthday without Mom, but He did it and then He sent that verse for me and you and all our other OBS sisters. Absolutely beautiful blog as always. Hugs. Debbie Williams (OBS Facebook Group Leader)

  4. Thank you so much Jamy for completely changing the way I look at Matthew 6:33 through your teaching this week. I will never look at it the same way again!

  5. Jamy, thanks for the reminder to really put this week’s memory verse into practice! I always save the verse as my screensaver, but will admit in the hustle and bustle that it falls to the wayside. I’ve been actively trying to remember to put God first this week, but thanks for the reinforcement!

  6. Jamy, I enjoyed your blog today and I have really felt that peace this week myself., My family has even noticed that I am not as stressed and that made me feel so good. I am so thankful for my OBS ladies for encouraging me to keep on.

  7. Jamy thank you so much for this. I have had a rough week but I continued to focus on keeping The Lord first through this verse, doing this study, writing my blog, and reaching out to my Sisters. I had been putting Him first, I thought, for a long time, but based on my learning in the study I have not, unbeknownst to me. When I realized that my thoughts focused on me and my suffering, I was taking my eyes of Him. That was a huge light bulb moment for me. Since then I have felt the peace you speak of. Every single thing that I have done this week with this study and our small group has helped me to enter an feel His wonderful presence. I am so very grateful.

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