Blessed Monday

Blessed 2

I am so honored to be teaching on Melissa Taylor’s blog this week. Whether you are participating in the Stressed-Less Living study or not, I would invite to venture over and check out the teaching and interactive, loving community. Today’s post, we are digging into Matthew 6:33, so grab your Bible and join us. There is also a give away for an assortment of stress relief goodies – you are entered in the drawing every time you comment on Melissa’s blog.

Besides being on Melissa Taylor’s blog this week, I also have the privilege to share part of my story on Encouragement Café. I would love to have you pop in and leave a comment about your story.

Looking forward to hearing from you dear friends on Melissa Taylor’s blog as well as Encouragement Café. Have a wonderful day!

One thought on “Blessed Monday

  1. Hi Jamy!I love your site and blog and am thrilled you are teaching this week. I am very excited about your book and cannot wait to check it out.

    Thank you for sharing,”The joy of The LORD is your strength” I am not feeling to joyful now but thanks to this study of “Stressed-Less Living “, I have recently learned I can act AS IF I have this joy. I trust and believe God so I will do this today and head over to the OBS study. Thank you for you and all you do.

    Love in Christ,


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