Beautiful Lies – Book Review


The book I am going to tell you about today is Beautiful Lies by Jennifer Strickland. I was intrigued by the title and premise of this book. Jennifer wants women to realize that we are more the same than we are different.

Within this dynamic book, Jennifer pairs 5 beautiful lies with 5 gorgeous truths. These wonderful truths are the key to set each of us free from the stronghold of the lies presented by the world. The following is the list of lies versus truths that are discussed within Beautiful Lies.

  • 1st Lie ~ You are what man thinks you are
  • 1st Truth ~ You are a beloved daughter
  • 2nd Lie ~ You are what you see in the mirror
  • 2nd Truth ~ You are a precious creation
  • 3rd Lie ~ You are what magazines tell you
  • 3rd Truth ~ You are a beautiful temple
  • 4th Lie ~ You are the mask you wear
  • 4th Truth ~ You are a shining light
  • 5th Lie ~ You are mastered by the media
  • 5th Truth ~ You are a chosen ambassador

Jennifer shares her personal story of being a model throughout the pages of this book, but you do not have to have walked in her shoes to identify with what she is talking about. These lies are something all women are faced with.

I love how the truth chapters all start out with a scripture verse. This solidifies the idea that what is presented is indeed Truth.

I would definitely recommend this book because we need to take this message and pass it on, especially to young girls. We need to speak God’s Truth into their lives, so the enemy doesn’t get a foothold.

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