Bible Stories Review


As a part of the Christian Women’s Affiliate, I have the privilege of reviewing some great products besides amazing books. Bible Stories is a prime example of one of these products.

With the help of my five children (ages 4 – 15), I was able to watch, participate and critique this DVD curriculum. Each DVD in the series offers a wonderful Bible Story as well as three art lessons. The DVD we had the joy of reviewing was God’s Special Surprise, which looks at the story of Moses.

Bible Story: This portion of the DVD captured the attention of all my children from the very beginning. The method utilized in this part of the DVD made the story from God’s Word jump off the page for the kids.

Art Lesson: I loved how the teacher brought in wonderful Biblical background when discussing what the project was going to be. From that the instructor moved on to basic art information, which is wonderful for beginners. The instructor went through the art lesson step-by-step. The instructions held the attention of all of the kids. The youngest, age 4, had a little trouble doing the project, but the others got into it. The Bible lesson was also emphasized while teaching the art lesson. I simply loved how it was incorporated.

Here are the kids’ projects as well as what they thoughts about the DVD.

art review 003

Maddy (age 4) ~ “This was lots of fun!”

art review 002

Quintin (age 6) ~ “The guy taught us how to make all the things in the picture. It was lots of fun! I liked it.”

art review 001

Ethan (age 10) ~ “I thought the Bible lesson was amazing, especially the surprise at the end. I thought the art lesson was cool.”

art review 004

Devin (age 13) ~ “I thought the Bible lesson was cool how they showed the story illustrated and it was awesome at the end with the blacklight. I really liked the art lesson because I could recreate the story.”

art review 006

Taylor (age 15) ~ “I thought the Bible lesson was fun to watch the lady draw the picture while the story was being told. I also loved that they used chalk drawings to depict the story. As far as the art lesson, I thought it was cool that they used a simple picture to illustrate the story of Moses.”

As you can see, the kids all really enjoyed this and I would highly recommend these DVDs. I loved how each children was given the same instructions, but put their own personality into the drawing. If you would like more information, please be certain to check out the See the Light Shine website.

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