Grace Defined

Coffee cup

I’m sure we have all heard phrases like, “He is gracious” and “She is so graceful,” but what does grace really mean? The dictionary defines grace as approval or favor. God defines grace as His free and unmerited favor for every one of us.

Grace is the loving favor that God pours out to those who accepted Him as Savior. There is absolutely nothing you or I could do to earn salvation. For that matter, we don’t even deserve it. It comes only by God’s love and mercy. Without the grace that God so freely wants to give, no one could be saved. To receive this amazing gift, we have to realize that only God can save us and through our faith in Christ we will receive this loving favor…

~Enjoying this post about grace? Want to read the rest? Simply head over to Encouragement Cafe to see how grace is such much more than we deserve.

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