Blessed, not Stressed

Blessed 2

Stress can overwhelm us to the point that we are unable or incapable of seeing anything else. This is the state the enemy would love to keep us in. As long as our focus is on our circumstances and stress, we are not drawing others to God because we are not drawing close to God and seeking peace and refuge in Him.

However, when you and I make the choice to look at the blessings in our lives it is as if we are turning from the shadows and looking at the Light.

God continues to pour out blessings in our lives, but many times we become so blinded by our stress and circumstances that we miss the little things and sometimes we just forget what He has already done.

I would like to share five things that God has brought to mind over the past several days that I am truly blessed with.

  • My husband – Mitch is such a blessing to me in so many ways and I thank God daily for bringing him into my life. He is such a hardworking and      wonderful husband, father and Godly head of the house. Sometimes it is the little things that mean so much. For example, the other morning he got all the kids up for school, so I could rest a little while longer. He also is taking time off of work to take our youngest, Madilynn, to Big Buddy/Little Buddy, so that I can get into the doctor. May I never take for granted the blessing he is to our children and me.
  • Noise, laundry and fingerprints – All of these are reminders that God has blessed me with five unique, energetic and healthy children. He has also blessed us with a home to keep our family safe, warm and clothes to wear (and sometimes leave out on the floor :)).  This just re-emphasize His blessings – multiple outfits.
  • Gardening – Growing up I did not imagine that I would count gardening as a blessing; however, at this point in my life I really love it. I take in the wonder of it all and see how we are like the tiny seeds. In order to grow and bloom, we must be put into the dirt (the trials of life) and struggle to      break forth (release the bounds of stress). Besides the imagery of the garden, I also delight in the fact that it provides delicious and nutritious food for my family. Thanks to canning, we are able to enjoy these wonderful foods even in the winter months.
  • Family living so close – For those of you that don’t know, my mother fell at work last week and shattered her patella. Due to her injury and my dad’s work schedule, I have been going over in the evening to bring dinner for my mom and brother. I then go back over at night to help Jason, my brother, in bed. Since they live just right down the road, this is no problem at all. It is such a blessing to be able to give back to my family      after all the help they have been to me over the years.
  • Spring – I simply love the warmer weather to be able to sit out on the porch and plant seeds while feeling the sun on my skin and hearing the birds sing in the distance. God’s control over the weather, plants and animals many times goes unnoticed. But He continues to cause the sun to rise and set everyday, as if God is personally waking each one of us up and then tucking us in at night.

I have shared my five blessings with you today. I would love to hear what five things God has blessed you with. When you stop looking at the circumstances and instead focus on God and everything He has already blessed you with your stress level will decrease because you know that He will not only be there for you, but also provide and pour out blessings for you.

21 thoughts on “Blessed, not Stressed

  1. ~ My Relationship with Jesus!
    ~My Love / Best Friend- Todd..he is my Gift from God
    ~ The Clothes on my back, the roof over my head and the food in my fridge…I think we all take these things for granted alot
    ~ My job–yes I said my job I am blessed to have a job.
    ~ My OBS Sisters…I am so honored and blessed to be apart of somehting so amazing. I love these ladies and love you Jamy.

  2. 1 – My hubby – Mr. Wonderful
    2- Although it is quite stressful at times – my job – pays the bills
    3 – My church family
    4 – OBS
    5 – My family

    • Thank you again for this beautiful outlook. We do always have something to celebrate, even if it is the smallest of blessings. God us so amazing.

  3. . Jamy I really enjoyed reading your blog. You got me to thinking and I am truly blessed. My 5 blessings: 1. My husband- I have been with him most of my life and i wouldn’t trade one minute of it. He works 60 hours a week and pastors a church and still helps me. Couldn’t live without him. 2. My 2 boys- They are my everything. I am so blessed that they have always been healthy we take that for granted sometimes. They are almost grown and it seems like yesterday they were little depending on Mom for everything. It has been a hard transition for me to not be needed as much anymore. 3. Family- I take for granted that my family only lives minutes away from me. I have always had my family next to me so Lord help me appreciate them more. 4. Late night cleaning- I had a friend to tell me about a year ago to be thank 5ful for cleaning my boys uniforms, dirty floors etc… At the time I thought she has lost her mind but I now know what she meant. I only have the boys to pick up after for a season so I am going to be thankful instead of complaining about it. 5. My job- I am blessed to have a wonderful bunch of ladies to work with. I lost my job as a waitress a couple years ago when a tornado destroyed our town and
    I struggled to find a job for 4 months and then the Lord blessed me with a new opportunity that has been truly a blessing. .

  4. My five things that I am grateful for. Is that right now Warren is working, but I know that God has a job out there for him. Daniel my 13 year old–quite smart and has a 4.0 GPA in school-He is going to go far with this knowledge that he has. 3. My salvation in Jesus and finally realizing who I am in Chrit. 4. Family is big for me as well. Granted my dad passed in 09 I feel like I need to stay in contact with my mom and finally #5 would be the friends that I have made through these online studies and how supportive they are to me and my family now. Blessings

  5. Thank you for the reminder to start my day with blessings not stressings!
    Yesterday was rough!
    I am thankful for my husband- who is calm with me when I am not and always loves me even when I am being unlovable.
    I am thankful that every morning is a new day for us- with God, with my children, work and all the other details of life.
    I am thankful that I have friends around the world who are Godly friends that love and support me and come to me for their needs and ask for scripture encouragement.
    I am thankful that my oldest two children are smart, determined and self sufficient adults. They had a rough start in life and through it all they are standing tall and still calling me several times a day. So maybe I didnt mess up too badly when they were young.
    I am thankful for the hunger to delve into my Bible again- I’ve been in a drought, have let the stress build up and my body, mind and soul break down…I am ready to get it all back into shape!

  6. Thank you for the reminder of WHY it’s so important to write our blessings down. I’m grateful for:

    1) My loving, gracious, strong Heavenly Father
    2) My hardworking, caring husband
    3) My healthy, happy one year old little guy
    4) The weather this past week
    5) All the amazing women doing this Bible study 🙂

    God Bless!

  7. Thank you so much Jamy for sharing your blessings with us! I will briefly share 5 of my blessings with you too. However, I didn’t choose this topic for my blog because I had such a hard time deciding which ones to write about!
    ~ My husband
    ~ My children
    ~ My church, pastor, guidance
    ~ God’s Creation and how present it is where I live
    ~ Happy Noises (children playing, husband’s music, birds chirping, etc)

    -Erin Cuomo, OBS Group Leader

  8. “as if God is personally waking each one of us up and then tucking us in at night.” I love that! I’ve been blessed by reading about your 5 blessings!

  9. Hi Jamy! So true…it is difficult to see and remember God’s blessings when our eyes are clouded with less-than-favorable circumstances and the stress they cause. But when we look at our Savior! When we remind ourselves of His Word…His promises! When we change our perspective and focus on His goodness in our lives! Oh, how our spirits are lifted! I am rejoicing with you after reading your list! And saying a prayer for you mother this morning.

    Shelly (OBS Leader)

  10. Jamy, I so enjoyed reading your 5 blessings. Your mom is blessed to have you nearby, too! I’m so thankful for the power of the Internet and OBS to reach across geographical lines and touch hearts and lives, for the spring and the promise of new life that it brings, for my husband’s willingness to shield me from my best intentions, for my precious children, and for the work that was accomplished by Christ on the cross for me. And us!

  11. Thank you for your post on blessings. My five:
    – God – he is number one
    – roof over my head
    – I can breathe (I have lung disease)
    – feel the breeze on this gorgeous day
    – food I have to eat thanks be to God

  12. I loved to read about your blessings. How easy it is to think about all of the negatives in our lives and overlook the blessings that are right there every day.

    As for me, my 5 biggest blessings would have to be:
    My husband
    My two children
    A Godly mother and father who raised me in the church
    A community that comes together to support anyone who is in need
    A job as a middle school teacher that has its frustrations, but also has those shining moments when I finally reach a student.

  13. Love your thoughts!! We share lots of the same blessings…minus the gardening for me, lol 🙂 I, too, have 5 kids and married to a wonderful man! I LOVE Spring and dirty laundry just means we have clothes!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  14. 1) my wonderful hubby – a true gift from God
    2) my son – I’m so proud of the man he’s becoming
    3) our pugs (aka “the boys”) – so much love & laughter packed into those furry cuddle bugs!
    4) my job – it’s often crazy, but God really did bless me with a challenging career & godly co-workers
    5) our home – it’s not fancy & maybe not always the neatest, but it’s ours

  15. 1. My husband
    2. My children
    3. My grandson
    4. Godly friends
    5. The bible

    Thanks for the wonderful reminder of incredibly blessed I am!!

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