Your Beautiful Purpose – Book Review


I just finished an amazing book, Your Beautiful Purpose, by Susan Larson. It was a very deep and challenging book. It leads the reader into discovering the unique purpose God has for your life and how you can begin to follow that purpose.

The book is broken down into six sections. The first section, Embrace your purpose, looks into helping you discover what your unique purpose is. The next section, Trust God’s Timing, examines what to do while we are waiting and how to deal with our fears. The third section, Hear God’s Voice, looks at silencing the enemy and then prepare. The fourth section, Believe God’s Word, encourages the reader to step out in faith and follow after the purpose God has placed upon her life. The next section, Walk by Faith, shows how we need to learn to take the high road and stay on the course God has for each one of us. The final section, Take New Territory, empowers each one of us to finish strong.

I love the layout of the book. Each chapter starts out with scripture, followed by powerful teaching and ends with a prayer and study questions to dig deeper as well as discussion starters for your small group. I love what Susan says in the book, “Jesus wants you to live with bold confidence in His promises and humble dependence on His voice.” This book enables us to discover our unique purpose and then boldly step out and follow after God’s leading.

I would definately recommend this book. It gets the reader to look at their life and what God wants her to do.

2 thoughts on “Your Beautiful Purpose – Book Review

  1. The cool thing about this book is when I did my review awhile back, the editor actually made a comment on my review. The editor basically stated the one thing I didn’t like about the book was their fault and not the author’s. I thought that was really cool!!

    On a side note: I find it funny we read a lot of the same books.

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