Trying to Hold On

Monkey Bars

Growing up, I had a love-hate relationship with the monkey bars. I loved the idea of going from one side to the other floating on air. Other kids seemed to effortlessly glide across. While I loved the idea, I hated the feeling when I left the security of the platform to reach for the next bar. At this point, the reality sunk in, I was too far to reach the platform and yet to scared to let go. It didn’t take me very many attempts to realize that I could not do this in my own strength. I would inevitably become frozen in fear – unable to reach for the next bar or just let go and fall into my parent’s waiting arms.

When you think about my story, you might question why I would hold so tightly to something even though it was not changing the current circumstances and besides my parent was right there all along to help me. I just had to let go.

I don’t know about you, but I have found myself in this same situation before. No, I am not talking when I was younger at the park with my parents on the monkey bars, but instead the circumstances and struggles and life and my Heavenly Father. Just like it says in Psalm 91:2, “I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God; on Him I lean and rely, and in Him I [confidently] trust!” (AMP), He is our safe place – our refuge. But in order to keep us safe, we must let go and fully rely on God. In essence, we need to be willing to trade in all our fears for faith in Him.

For example, there have been circumstances with my children that I have been clinging to so tightly because I was simply afraid of what might happen if I let go. Through this study, Let.It.Go., I have found such peace – not only in my home, which is a welcome change, but also in my heart.

Some time ago, I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. If you have never dealt with this it is difficult to explain. I could feel it coming on, but there was nothing I could do to stop it, which made me more anxious – perpetuating the cycle. I have come to learn that true, lasting peace can only come from God. Besides that, in God’s economy the only way to obtain that peace is if we let go. Just like when I was a little girl on the monkey bars – going it alone, I would struggle, become afraid and possibly get hurt. However, relying on my dad to be my safe place and letting go, I was able to have comfort peace and security.

What are you holding onto today? Let God grant you the peace and refuge you need. Simply let go and fall into His arms. He will not only catch you, but also willingly take hold on the control of your life. Find freedom in letting go.

8 thoughts on “Trying to Hold On

  1. Jamy, I can relate to the anxiety and panic and through this study have also fealt a different sense of dealing with it and how I need to Let Go. Your picture intrigued me to click on your blog. I actually thought your shirt was a hospital gown and saw you struggling to climb,(the smallness of the picture on Melissa’s website made it hard to identify). I am so glad I visited your site, peace in our home is so important to our family. As a woman I think we forget or don’t realize the influence we have on our families(negative and positive).
    Thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. Great post, Jamy. I thought your monkey bar analogy was perfect. Finding freedom in letting go is one of the beautiful paradoxes of the Bible. Thanks for leading last week.

  3. Here is a poem I wrote called “Letting Go” I thought youwould like it!
    Thank you for your blog I appreciate it.

    Letting go

    How does one begin the journey of letting go
    Letting go of the only life known
    Letting go of the attitudes, the stored and known ways to cope
    Letting go of people
    I know I trust God’s love for me
    I know he knows what is best for me
    I am trying to redefine myself
    The way God sees me
    How does one go from a disillusioned, and cenacle view of ones known self
    How does one let go of things not even known to them but are harmful to others,
    Then believing your worth as a daughter of the King, and worthy of the Son who died for us.

    He tells us we are, I am trying to believe I am worthy
    It is easier, to accept and know down deep that I am working on me through the Love of Christ

    Mistakes, great ones have been made
    Hurt has happened
    Sadness in the deepest recesses of my heart
    God how do I begin the journey of letting those go
    I don’t feel worth it
    But I know I have to begin to see me through your eyes
    Not the worlds
    I am so thankful for the forgiveness you have given and give me each new day
    You have Redeemed my life
    You have called me to a greater life
    Let me look to you and lay the pain and ties that are binding me up at your feet
    Minutely if I have to
    Until you have taught me to Let Go of my past
    People, pain, expectations
    I have a hope and a future in you Jesus!

    IN the adversity you promise to restore, renew, rejuvenate, redefine me
    Make me new each day!
    And make my path straight.
    He tells this to my heart in turmoil, pain, adversity, anger, confusion, hurt.
    He wants it all
    God I am giving it all to you
    Please help me to Let go and lay it at your feet so I can move forward in you
    In Jesus Name Amen!

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