The Amish Canning Cookbook – Book Review


I have only been canning a couple of seasons now, so when I had the opportunity to review, The Amish Canning Cookbook by Georgia Varozza, I was anxious to see what it had to say. This is such a wonderful resource. It gives the step-by-step instructions for pressure and water bath canninng. Georgia takes the mystery out of canning and eases the apprehension for beginners and gives insights for seasoned canners. Besides all the instructions, it also has a wide assortment of canning recipes with detailed instructions. I discovered several reciped that I am wanted to try this next season.

Canning is a wonderfully rewarding venture to preserve fruits and vegetables, while filling your pantry with healthy foods for your family. Many family’s favorite would have to be green beans in the dead of winter that taste just like they were just picked. The Amish Canning Cookbook should be in every gardeners’ kitchen.

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