Love Still Stands – Book Review

For this Fun Friday, since we have been on a field trip this week, I am going to share some book reviews. I always get lots of reading done on a trip.


Love Still Stands is the first book I have read by Kelly Irvin and I really enjoyed it. Bethel is young woman that because of an accident is forced to live with her sister, her husband and five small children. the story starts out with the family leaving their families and community in Kansas to move to Missouri and help start an Amish community.

They soon learn that the surrounding neighbors do not understand their way of life. Many times people do not like what they do not understand, which is the case in Love Still Stands. This new group of Amish people must not only start their community, but learn to get along with people who do not want them living “next door.”

Bethel feel her limited mobility make her unable to help her sister, go back to teaching and even think about getting married and starting her own family. The neighboring town has physical therapy, but will this mend the problems within her? Will she be able to get past seeing her limitations?

Kelly does a fabulous job of developing the story and the characters. She is dealing with a lot of issues within the pages of this book.

I would recommend this book in a heartbeat. It is packed with so much. A great read.

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