Adoring Addie – Book Review


Adoring Addie is my latest Amish fiction find. I hadn’t read anything by Leslie Gould, but it sounded good, so I thought I would take a chance. Boy, was I glad I did. This was a wonderfully written story.

Addie is the only girl in the family, so there are a lot of expectations put upon her throughout her life – chores, behavior as well as relationships. Addie’s parents feel the Bishop’s son, Phillip, is best suited for her. However, Addie is not certain and doesn’t even want to begin courting, let alone marrying, without being certain he is the one.

To complicate matters, a new guy wanders up at her family’s annual community barbeque. Come to find out, Jonathan is the son of Dirk Mosier, who Addie’s parents hold a grudge against. Instead of the Capulets and Montegues, it is the Cramers and Mosiers. What will happen? Everyone thinks they know what is best for Addie, but what will she ultimately decide.

Leslie Gould does a wonderful job developing not only the story, but also the characters. The reader gets so wrapped up in the story, you begin to root for the good guys and hope it all turns out in the end.

I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it. I will definately keep my eye out for more books by this author.

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