Jennifer – Book Review


The cold, wintry weather has allowed me to get some reading done. I just finished, Jennifer by Dee Henderson and I wanted to tell you about it.

Jennifer is a wonderful doctor who truly cares about her patients. She not only know their names, but also what they like and their personalities. Jennifer certainly goes above and beyond to care for her young patients. But does that leave any time for herself?

One case brings Jennifer and Tom, a surgeon, together. Their friendship starts to grow and Tom begins to introduce the idea of church and Christianity to Jennifer. She must decide what she believes and if this relationship can last. Just as things begin to fall into place there is a certain turn of events. How will Jennifer and Tom react to these circumstances? What will it mean for the future?

Dee Henderson does a great job of developing the characters of Tom and Jennifer. I love how she crafted the entire story. I enjoyed reading it so much and got so involved in the story that I hated for it to end. The good news is that story continues in The Negotiator. It looks like I will be adding another title to my growing wish list.

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