Firefly Island – Book Review


Firefly Island by Lisa Wingate was absolutely amazing. Lisa takes the reader on a wild ride through the eyes of the main character, Mallory. She goes from an up and coming legislative assistant in the heart of DC to the “Frontier Woman” blogging about rural life in remote Moses Lake, Texas.

Mallory goes from being an independent, single executive to a married, stay-at-home mother of a toddler in a few short months. She must determine whether she can handle the new “normal” with critters scurrying across the floor and the occasional scorpion to watch out for. Not to mention, the mystery surrounding her husband’s boss, Jack West.

Big city girl makes some new friends that help Mallory get adjusted. Will they also be there to help shed light on the mysterious disappearances at West Ranch?

I would highly recommend this book. Lisa’s imagery throughout is simply breath-taking. Hard to find better fiction writing. This book has it all suspense, romance and humor along the twists and turns of a year in Mallory’s life. Grab the book, get comfy and be transported to Firefly Island.

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