Second Chances – Book Review


Max Locado has done it again. His book, Second Chances, releasing in March, comes in the heels of Grace and looks at the second chances God gives us daily to start fresh.

Each of these short, easy to read chapters contains a scripture verse or passage, story and most importantly, the application to our lives. We tend to be first in line for receiving a second chance from God, but slow to extend that grace and forgiveness to others.

I simply love how real Max is throughout this book. The stories he shares really hit me and I can easily identify.

Max does what he does so well, draws the reader into the stories and scripture passeages. He brings new light and insight to passages many of us have read over time and time again. It is like looking at it for the first time, with a fresh perspective.

I would highly recommend you get your hands on this book when it is released. The short chapters make it easy to pick up and read when you only have a few minutes, but compelling enough that you want to grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile.

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