The Guardian – Book Review


This week for the Wednesday Wisdom, I am going to share a book review with you.

Beverly Lewis does it again with her upcoming novel, The Guardian. Readers are transported to the Amish community of Hickory Hollow.

Maryanna is a wonderful woman who has dealt with the death of her husband and now single-handedly raising their four children. However, her greatest test of faith comes when little Sarah is lost. What could have happened to her? Who will find her and will she return safe and sound?

As she is searching and praying, Jodi is out for her morning run trying to clear her mind and ease the grief she feels over the death of her sister, Karen.

These two women from two different backgrounds are brought together. Will they be able to find common ground and learn from each other? The reader discovers whether these women can find what they’re looking for and move on with their lives.

Once again, Beverly Lewis creates dynamic characters that draw the reader in from the first page to the last word.

I would highly recommend this book. It lets the reader not only see how these two women face their problems, but also examine what she needs to face in her own life. Grab this book and a cup of coffee and enjoy.

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