Greater Journey


In some ways, the beginning of the Greater study seems a lifetime ago and in other ways, I can’t believe it is drawing to a close.

I started the journey through Greater just a little while after I received the news of the cancer in the uterine lining. The news shocked me, but my faith was not shaken. I firmly believed that God had a greater purpose and plan for my life than I could ever imagine. Along this Greater journey, I clung to my Savior and relied on Him. Through much of the study, I was in extreme pain and had to not only rely on God, but also friends and family to help.

The women in my facebook small group and the online Bible study leaders were a tremendous source of encouragement and strength. I thanked God daily for preparing the cast ahead of time. He knew exactly what I would need and surrounded me with loving individuals that became His hands and feet to display His love.

Prayers were answered in a major way on January 4th – path results looked great, no further treatment.

I do not know what all lies ahead on this Greater journey for me. In the short term, I have begun working on my second book. I know that we each have a unique story to tell and writing is the avenue I utilize. I long to reach out to other women going through storms in life and show them the love and encouragement I received. I want them to see Christ in me.

No matter what is ahead on this journey I know two things for sure; 1) God has greater plans in store for all of us and 2) no matter what bumps may come, I will choose to rely on my Savior.

With the start of the year just under way, where are you on your journey? What Greater things is God telling you to step out in faith and go after? I would love to hear from you and then pray for you and your greater journey this year.

13 thoughts on “Greater Journey

  1. Jamy,

    You are one awesome lady and I count it a privilege to know you and to have prayed for and with you in your latest journey. I am so thankful things turned out so well and you are on the road to recovery and health. Praise God.

    Love you to pieces.

    OBS Group Leader

  2. Jamy, your blog never disappoints me. You are such an encouragement to all of us. I am so glad that the Greater One inside you has given you strength and help for your journey. I pray that as you write the spirit of God in you will reach out and touch many more people. God always has a plan that is greater than our enemy’s plan. Blessings, my sister, many blessings.

  3. Love your post Jamy – as usual on target. God prepares for us way ahead of when we need it. I even believe when we forget to pray for a person who is in surgery etc.. that God knows we were going to pray and He will honor that prayer. Blessings and man prayers to you Jamy on this journey.

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