The Icecutter’s Daughter – Review


With all this snow, I have had the chance to read yet another amazing book and I just had to tell you all about it.

Merrill is not the typical woman during the 1890s. However, losing her mother at a young age and being the only girl in the family had a lot to do with that. Merrill, being the daughter of an icecutter and horse breeder, is more comfortable in a pair of trousers muking the stalls than wearing a fancy bonnet and carrying a fan. However, when a local’s relative from Kansas comes into town to help his uncle, things begin to change. Will independent Merrill finally find a man or is she too untamed for married life?

Tracie Peterson introduces the reader to some dynamic characters in The Icecutter’s Daughter. Merrill and Rurik practically leap off the page. All seems to be going well until the past blows into town. Will Rurik be able to break free from the past? Are people truly granted a second chance? These are only two of the questions running through the reader’s mind.

I must admit that I am not generally drawn to this time period. However, Tracie does a fantastic job of pulling you into the story. You are there for the ups and downs and begin to question whether it will all turn out alright in the end. I would highly recommend this book. I look forward to checking out more of her works.

One thought on “The Icecutter’s Daughter – Review

  1. I was glad to read your review of this, as I’d gotten away from reading historical fiction. This sounds like a good one and a few others have popped up on my radar. Thanks again for posting and blessings, Susan Fryman

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