The Chance – Review


After reading and reviewing the three-story collection by Karen Kingsbury some time ago, I was eager to read her newest book, The Chance.

Karen does what she does best in The Chance, framing a real life story around dynamic characters. The reader is introduced to Ellie and Nolan when they are just fifteen years old. Most teens are carefree and only looking into the future as far as getting a driver’s license, prom and graduation. However, circumstances in Ellie’s family have presented a major change that will affect both of their lives. Before she goes, Nolan takes the opportunity to grant them a second chance in the future. They each write a letter and put it into a tackle box and bury it. They are to meet back eleven years later at this very spot to read the letters. Neither one can even imagine what life has in store for them in the coming years. In eleven years time, will they take the chance and connect? Or will a teen-age pact be lost in the shuffle of everyday life?

Karen does a fabulous job of drawing the reader into the story. You go through the ups and downs with the characters. This is a wonderful story to illustrate the second chance we are given through God’s grace. The question remains, will you take that chance?

One thought on “The Chance – Review

  1. So glad you posted this review. I enjoy Karen’s books and hadn’t heard of this one. Thank you for posting. Blessings & Merry Christmas, Susan Fryman

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