The Air We Breathe – Review

“All things work together for good” is a verse that is familiar too many. Do you believe this? Christa Parrish does a great job of showing how her characters Hanna, Claire and Molly deal with this very thing in The Air We Breathe. I just finished this novel and wanted to share with you.

Christa does an exceptional job of developing her characters. This is an intense novel full of twists and turns – just like real life. However, the main characters in this novel face some extreme circumstances that hopefully we will not ever have to deal with. The reader walks through the lives of Hanna, Claire and Molly to see how they face what circumstances come in their lives. How will they deal with the guilt they feel? What events will bring these characters together?

The Air We Breathe is a well-written in-depth book that I would recommend. The reader will get into this novel and question whether Molly will be able to face her fears and break free?

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